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The polished concrete flooring processes that we use turn this material into something functional.  The surface of the concrete gets sealed eliminating dust and prevents the intrusion of dirt or chemicals.  So making it not only easy to clean but also to maintain. 

The practice of diamond floor polishing is quite a new one.  It has only been around 1997.  My Floor’s signature polished concrete and Hiperfloor concrete polishing is the perfect solution.  It is going to be commonplace in the future in both commercial and residential properties.  

Before the process of polishing concrete floors involved grinding down the surface before sealing.  The issue here was that a certain amount of the concrete would then become exposed.  Then several lays of sealant would need applying to give the flooring its wet look.  Along with taking a long time to complete such flooring required a great deal of maintenance.  Often the floor would have to get stripped before resealing in order for it to maintain that all important polished look.   As a result of this the cost of getting such flooring proved expensive.

The system we use ensures that we minimise the amount of maintenance that the floor needs.  We grind the surface before then treating and polishing the concrete.  To do this we use specially designed densifier products.   We then grind the surface of the concrete down with finer and finer diamonds.  In the end achieving the right level of gloss to the surface that you desire.  

This specially designed floor solution increases the floors resistance to abrasion.   Also it is stronger it can deal with any kind of impact upon it a lot better.  Yet still providing you with polished concrete floors that are hard wearing, and are easy to maintain.  

We even offer an exclusive 10 year warranty!


Where Can You Have Polished Concrete Floors

You can have polished concrete flooring throughout your home or commercial premises.  But such flooring tends to be well suited for use in Industrial buildings, also making a real statement in living rooms or bedrooms.


Processes To Create Beautiful Polished Concrete Floor

We begin the whole process by grinding the surface using heads fitted with coarse 16 or 30 grit diamond.  By the time we finish we will being using heads fitted with 3000 grit diamond.   These get impregnated into segments where they bond together using metal or resin.  

Typically the size of diamond grit doubles after the first grinding has been carried out.   So we move up from 16/30 grit to 60/80 then follow this with 120 grit diamonds.  We then begin the process of polishing starting with 50 grit diamond resin pad.  This is then followed by us using resin pads of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and finally 3000 grit.

Throughout the whole process we use a densifier to help harden the surface of the concrete.  This will then allow the concrete floor to be polished.  

Also as part of this process we use a grouting chemical.  We use the grout to cover up any holes, cracks or imperfections.  All these can appear during the stage where we are grinding down the surface of the concrete.

After this the concrete gets sealed using a natural looking sealer that impregnates it.  It penetrates to around 2-5mm inside the pores of the concrete prevents any staining to occur from spills or oil.


Hardening Of The Concrete

To help harden the floor we use a solution known as densifier.  During the polishing process it gets applied to the concrete and is then absorbed.   It improves the surfaces integrity by as much as 10 times its original density.  So transforming a porous surface into something a great deal denser.  That prevents all sorts of contaminants including water and oiil from penetrating it.

Plus what's more important is that this product improves abrasion and makes it more resistant to impact.  As a result of this the amount of maintenance needed is a great deal less.


Grinding And Sealing Of The Concrete

The process we use is a standard concrete polishing system.  We begin by using 16 or 30 grit metal bonded diamonds.  Then when the desired level of grinding has been achieved on the surface we use a 60 grit diamond to help remove any visible scratches. 

Following this some grouting or patching may take to help fill any holes, cracks, voids or imperfections.  The surface gets cleaned.  We then apply a matt or gloss coat or impregnate it with an enhancing sealer.

We use an extensive range of penetrating and film coat sealers.  All these get applied to meet your exact specification and design requirements.  

The sealers used range from traditional solvent based ones to more advance water based ones.  These ones are also environmentally friendly. 

Choosing the right sealant plays a vital role in the polished concrete process.   Each of these sealants alter the appearance and feel of the concretes surface. 

Such flooring will need to stripping first and/or sanding before then getting resealed.  Usually we recommend this happens every 1 to 5 years. 

It all depends on the size of the floor and the kind of traffic moving across it.  It also depends on what sorts of solutions get used to maintain the floor and what strategies you have in place to prevent ongoing wear.

Concrete Floor Polishing Brisbane

Dyeing The Concrete

Through the use of dyes the colour of the concrete can be altered.  But the dyes we use aren't UV (ultraviolet) stable.  So you need to be aware if thinking about using them outside that they will fade over time.  

We apply these to the surface using a spray whilst the polishing process is being carried out.  They then penetrate the surface and help to create a natural translucent look to the concrete.   We may use single or several applications dependent on how vibrant a colour you want.   We offer 25 different colour dye options for you to select from.  These can be used for both residential and commercial polished floor projects.

We use dyes from the polished concrete Boral range.   We can alter the colour from grey to silver or ash or more warmer colours that are orange, yellow or red based. Plus we can even go for more natural earthy tones including browns, creams, sand and green ones.


Decorative Concrete Cutting

If you want to add some shapes or patterns to the flooring.  We can also do this for you through this simple process.  Again it will be carried out before the final stages of the polishing process get completed.  So what you then end up with is a looks like polished concrete tiles.

Although we have spoken a great deal about using this process for polishing floors, this process can also be used to help create polished concrete benchtops as well.  Use such to create a completely new look to your kitchen or bathroom just replacing the counter tops.


Is our flooring safe?

Our flooring will have undergone various tests to ensure that it is safe to walk or drive on.   All these tests help to ensure that our floorings slip resistance measures up to certain regulations.  

For normal floors ours will comply with AS/NZS 4586 standards.  When we polish surfaces that slope then these will meet AS 1428 Standards.  Both of which have been set by the The Building Code Of Australia.


Where Do We Carry Out our Polished Concrete Services?

 At this present time we offer our concrete polishing services in:



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How To Care For Concrete Flooring

As well as being durable and aesthetically pleasing, you'll find this type of flooring is one of the easiest to maintain.  But when you set up the best cleaning schedule you will have to carry out certain other maintenance periodically.  This will help to ensure that the surface retains the same condition as when first polished. 

You will need to set up a schedule of regular, mechanical and chemical maintenance.

Regular Maintenance Of Your Polished Concrete Floor

 Such maintenance should get done regularly, if not every day at least a couple of times a week. 

 The following will need doing:


1.  The prompt cleaning up of any spills to prevent etching or staining.

2.  Dry mop or auto scrub each day.

3.  General cleaning of the surface.

4.  Spot treatment where more traffic occurs.

For the above two use plain water or a cleaning agent that is non-reactive.


But you need to do more than just keep such surfaces clean.  You'll find that such flooring needs you to use specific tools and chemicals to help maintain its durability and shine.


Mechanical Maintenance

To help maintain the floors polish diamond impregnated pads are needed.  You can attach them to buffers, burnishers or auto scrubbers as they come in a range of different shapes and sizes.  They can be used wet or dry, dependent on the manufacturers recommendations. 


Chemical Maintenance

You need to use chemicals regularly as these help to harden the surface of the concrete further.   There is a wide selection of products to use.  These contain minerals that when they make contact with the concrete work on hardening it further.  

Often contain minerals like calcium, potassium or silicate in them. As soon as they come into contact with the concrete a chemical reaction occurs. 

They often come in concentrated form and to use them they simply need adding to water.  Then applied to the surface using a floor scrubber or buffer. 


Why Choose To Have A Polished Concrete Floor


There are several benefits to be had from choosing from such flooring.


Functional Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring


1.  Floors are hardened, sealed and dust proof.

2.  Come with a 10 year warranty.

3.  40% more abrasion resistant compared to steel troweled concrete.

4.  20% more impact resistant compared to steel troweled concrete.

5.  30% increase in ambient light reflection over steel troweled concrete.

6.  Polished densified floors are resistant to tyre marks.

7.  Adds significant architectural interest and appeal to a concrete floor with or without the use of dyes.

8.  Don't need to use sealer or wax to maintain such floors ever.  All you need to do is clean the floor with a neutral cleaner regularly.


Ecological Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring


1.  Greenest most sustainable floors today. 

2.  No need to use any sort of covering which would then end up in landfill sites in 5 years or more time.

3.  No membrane sealers used, so no toxins or chemicals released.

4.  Don't use any volatile organic compounds.

5.  Increase in natural ambient light means you aren't using as much electricity as lights don't need to be on as long.

6.  Reduce heating and cooling bills because of the floors thermal mass properties.


Economical Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring


1.  Cost of installation is lower than most other forms of flooring.

2.  Costs for maintaining flooring is less because it has a much longer lifespan.

3.  Lower maintenance costs because you only need to clean it with a neutral cleaner.  


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