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Food and Beverage Flooring

Food and Beverage Flooring

As food and beverage manufacturing facilities are regularly exposed to corrosive by-products and contaminants (fats and hot oils, blood, and natural food acids), they can inhibit sanitation.

My Floor acknowledges different industries flooring needs and can offer solutions to suit each:

  • Bakery’s – where sugar can corrode the surface, we offer floor coatings that will eliminate this risk
  • Bottling Production – subject to high foot traffic, heavy machinery and vehicular traffic we offer flooring that will be flexible and withstand such conditions
  • Dairy Processing – where rigorous cleaning is required to maintain a clean environment and prevent contamination, we offer floor that is durable, long-lasting and will withstand both wet and dry manufacturing processes
  • Cool Rooms – that require low temperatures are generally a damp environment, we offer flooring that is suitable for this to ensure minimal downtime and risk of spoilage
  • Fresh Food Manufacturing – that is under constant exposure to acids, sugards and preservatives, we off flooring systems that are made to deal with heavy traffic, high temperatures and thermal shock.
  • Meat Processing Facilities – we offer heavy duty flooring that will provide a hygienic finish while remaining non-slip, resist contamination from blood, grease or oils and can withstand aggressive cleaning chemicals

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