May 22 2012

Epoxy coatings: A Solution for Commercial and Industrial Projects

My Floor, like many companies in Queensland offers the services of epoxy coatings. The difference between My Floor and every other company you receive quotes from is that our company is one of two companies in Queensland who owns an Graco “XP70 Plural Component Epoxy Spray System”, this machine is designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, high-solids coatings with superior results. What this means for you and your client is that our company is able to apply coatings in less than half the time than the companies who don’t have this machine, in turn your project schedule will be ahead of time which is sure to impress your client. Our company is National Code of Practice (NCOP) approved, licensed by Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) and experienced in a wide range of epoxy coatings and flooring products.

Preparation is equally important as the epoxy coating itself, if the correct preparation is not carried out prior to application of the epoxy, the coating will delaminate which can cost your company and client both time and money. To prevent against this happening it is very important to carry out the correct preparation, ideally being concrete grinding. This will remove any surface contaminants, opening the pores of the concrete and allowing a suitable bond for the epoxy coating application. My Floor possesses both large industrial 3 Phase Husqvarna 680 machines including dust extraction units and well as smaller concrete grinding machines, enabling us to complete any size project efficiently.

Epoxy coatings are used for a range of different reasons such as protecting new floors, updating old floors, improving durability and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish while remaining an affordable flooring solution. Epoxy floor coatings are increasingly becoming the preferred option due to its proven efficiency and functionability, and which can last for many years. Epoxy is widely used in laboratories and hospitals due to its sanitary, yet skid-proof qualities while requiring minimal maintenance. While traditionally epoxy is applied to concrete substrates, due to the versatility of the product is can also be used for application on files, metals and timber. Surfaces that have been treated with an epoxy coating will be more resistant to dust, acid reaction, gasoline, alkali, solvents, thawing salts and grease making it the perfect solution for industrial applications. Certain epoxy coatings can increase the reflectivity of the floor by up to 300%, saving businesses energy while providing a smooth and even surface to suit any commercial industry.

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