Grind and Seal Polished Concrete in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

Brisbane and Gold Coast

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete Brisbane & Gold Coast

Sometimes, simply grinding the concrete is not sufficient to have it properly protected.

In these cases, My Floor offers a grind and seal combination of approaches that deals with surface irregularities and protects the newly ground surface with a protective sealant. The end result is a grind and seal polished concrete, capable of weathering any kind of temperature change and traffic intensity on a daily basis for many years to come.

This makes grind and seal polished concrete a very durable and appropriate solution for many types of environments, commercial, industrial and residential.

The main difference between this and other types of concrete polishing is that we use a wide array of tools, products and methods to ensure the floor surface is sufficiently smooth before the application of sealant or any other protective material you might desire.

This inherent flexibility allows us to provide our clients with the polished concrete floors Brisbane & Gold Coast that are appropriate for all circumstances and that can be further modified according to your wishes.

How Does Grind and Seal Polished Concrete Work?

We employ a variety of tools with diamond-tipped blades. These blades have a specific amount of grinding material on their surfaces and will thus produce a concrete floor with a slightly different smoothness rating.

We can use these tools and pass over the target floor surfaces several times until we reach the amount of smoothness we desire for the intended floor purpose.

Our highly trained and fully qualified technicians will expertly handle these tools, ensuring that your floor is treated quickly, safely and efficiently, causing you minimal downtime.

‘Grind and seal’ is the method of treating the concrete surface with a course 16 or 30 grit metal bonded diamonds.

As we perform a single pass over the floor with these blades, we leave behind a trail of smoothness, which we will then go over once more with a slightly finer blade. By performing this process gradually, we minimise the amount of substrate ground and also the preparation time needed.

This is the standard system of grinding the concrete and honing it to the desired level. In this way, aggregate exposure is arrived at and the surface is ground again to remove any visible scratches.

Wide Variety of Polished Concrete Brisbane Solutions

After the concrete surface has been ground to a satisfactory degree, we can begin with the next step –applying the sealant.

There is a wide range of sealants for all intents and purposes, but distinguishing which one is the best for you takes years of experience in the concrete business. These products may be commercially available, but My Floordoes not recommend that you use them on your own, as the damage done may far exceed the cost of our services.

We utilise a broad spectrum of sealers which can be used to satisfy any design requirement. These sealing products range from the traditional, solvent based products, to the more advanced water-based and environmentally friendly products.

Please note that it is of utmost importance to choose the correct product for the required purpose, as different sealers will modify or alter the appearance and function of the finished floor surface.


My Floor is dedicated to using sustainable solutions for building a sustainable concrete surface. All products we use are specially designed to be environmentally friendly and have a light carbon footprint.

By constantly looking for way to be environmentally friendly, we create a healthy society that is aimed at leaving the best of this world for the next generation.

Enhanced durability

This type of treatment creates a floor which can last for 1 – 5 years before the stripping and resealing is needed, based on the intensity and quantity of the daily traffic in the area.

My Floor will provide you with necessary products and instructions that you can use to prolong the durability of your floor and ensure its reliable use.

Of course, this warranty only applies in cases where you had the floor installed by a reliable and professional company such as My Floor. Shady individuals and anonymous companies tend to take your money and leave you holding a piece of crumbled concrete that used to be your floor just a while ago.

When you want quality and a polished concrete floor that will last you for years, choose a reliable partner. Choose My Floor.

Quality Concrete Polishing Brisbane Service

Our experienced and helpful staff will walk you through the process of choosing and applying the sealant product that is the best for your situation.

We can use your design or create one of our own and implement it from start to finish. In any case, we will do everything in our power to make sure your polished concrete Brisbane & Gold Coast achieves its full potential and requires as little maintenance and cleaning as possible.


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