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Hiperfloor Polished Concrete

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HiPERFLOOR Polished Concrete Brisbane & Gold Coast

Competition breeds innovation and the polished concrete Brisbane & Gold Coast industries operates under the same principle. When faced with the same problem, different people are inclined to look at it from different perspectives and arrive at different solutions.

All of this activity is healthy, as it contributes to the wealth of options you as a consumer have available. However, this same wealth can also produce confusion if you are unsure what to do and which product is the best for your circumstance.

Over time, various companies in the flooring industry have experimented with the original concrete polishing Brisbane method and arrived at their own proprietary solutions. One such solution is Hiperfloor by Husqvarna. This is a trademarked concrete surface polishing method, intended for enhancement of the natural look, resistance to abrasion and overall strength of the treated concrete floor.

How does it work?

We at My Floor firmly believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. This is why we are dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest polished concrete Brisbane solutions for commercial, industrial and residential settings. In this case, HIperfloor is a thrilling solution to the problem of untreated concrete floor.

This method of treating concrete floors consists of mechanically grinding the concrete, treating it with the proprietary Hiperfloor solution and then polishing the concrete surface. This method of concrete treating converts the treated substrate into a durable, economical and low-maintenance surface which is able to outlast any type of protective coating product.

Why Hiperfloor polished concrete?

During the many years of working in the polished concrete flooring industry, we have had the chance to see and try out many different products. Among them, Hiperfloor is especially notable due to the effects it has on the concrete, turning even the dullest surface into a literal art piece. It’s not just the looks but also the durability and strength of the treated surface were nothing short of amazing. When we saw what Hiperfloor can do, we started wholeheartedly recommending it to everyone.

Because the Hiperfloor solution is specifically formulated to penetrate into the substrate and bond with the concrete particles, the top layer of the concrete becomes hardened and particularly sturdy. This removes the need for ongoing maintenance, instead just requiring some light cleaning, sweeping and mopping with gentle detergents to maintain brilliant shine and clarity of the floor.

Flexible and durable flooring options with polished concrete

Hiperfloor reduces on-going maintenance and costs since it’s neither a surface coating nor a floor covering product. Once the treatment is complete, the floor surface will be able to endure even the highest traffic intensities while maintaining a truly gorgeous visual appeal. Hiperfloor can be modified to achieve the desired level of gloss, making it suitable for both business and residential environments.

This flexibility means you can have the uniformity of looks and strength across all your concrete surfaces, no matter what their purpose is. By applying Hiperfloor treatment on all your concrete floors, you can rest assured that the durability will be uniform and according to the highest safety, health and environmental standards.

Reduced maintenance costs with polished concrete

It’s always beneficial to plan ahead and know in advance how much a treatment will cost you. Untreated concrete floors can give you unpleasant surprises when you realize how much maintenance they require. It’s a smart move to plan ahead and take the treatment that will make your polished concrete Brisbane or Gold Coast floor easily maintained by the least number of people working only a fraction of time it would normally take them to clean the generic concrete floor, vinyl, carpet or tile.

Hiperfloor is specifically designed to not require repeat applications of otherwise costly and hazardous coatings. This makes concrete floor polished with Hiperfloor an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to tiles or vinyl. Thus Hiperfloor is perfect for applications which demand a high level of hygiene. Example are food production and processing facilities such as breweries, schools, airports and residences with immune-system compromised individuals.

Sustainability and environmently friendly flooring

We understand how much the nature is affected by our use of chemicals and products. This is why Hiperfloor is ecologically sound, environmentally friendly and its production and use do not increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Creating sustainable concrete flooring solution is our contribution to the health of the environment and the legacy we leave to the subsequent generations. Together with our clients, we are building a better society and advance into the age of sustainable growth and existence.

The My Floor service

If you have any more questions about the Hiperfloor, please feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions. Our highly trained and experienced staff will help you achieve the perfect feel and look of your concrete flooring with the variety of our products, tools and methods.

At this point we service areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

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