Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Concrete substrates which are subject to chemical or corrosion attack in premises such as chemical processing and manufacturing, food and beverage, and aviation industries can be expensive, create a hazardous working environment, disrupt production and even cause shut downs leading to lost revenue.

My Floor can offer our expert consultation to install a chemical resistant epoxy flooring system to both floors and walls in order to protect the underlying concrete substrate from harsh chemicals, acids & alkalis or solvents that would normally deteriorate the surface, any underlying materials and contaminate the ground water.

We can offer chemical resistant epoxy flooring (such as containment walls, room walls, curbs, cove bases, pits, and foundation pads) that is installed and cured, ready for traffic with minimal downtime.  Chemical resistant flooring is generally a light weight, non-porous, seamless, hygienic, waterproof flooring surface which is also resistant to chemicals and solvents, oils, salts, acids and alkalis while remaining abrasion, impact, non-slip resistant and prohibits the growth of mould or mildew.

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