Marble Polishing and Sealing

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Marble Polishing and Sealing

Our Marble Polishing system involves using a unique and exclusive technique to achieve the ultimate shine and reflectivity possible for your marble floors, while producing a finish which is durable and cost-effective.

My Floor take pride in the high quality and professional service we offer for Marble Polishing to both commercial and domestic applications to fix many common problems clients have with natural stone surfaces, such as wear from foot traffic carrying abrasives throughout the home, etching by acid based spills, staining from food and beverages, efflorescence common in newly installed marble, spalling/flaking/pitting usually in areas subject to moisture, yellowing and discolouration from old wax coatings, uneven tiles or lippage common from new installations, chips and cracks due to poor installation or heavy impact damage, water rings and spots.

My Floor will polish and resurface your marble floors to restore its natural beauty, while removing any foreign particles, stains and build-up of oils and dirt that may have become embedded deep into the pores of the stone surface.  My Floors Marble Polishing system will remove any deep scratches or etching to transform your marble into a clean and highly polished surface.

One of the most important factors in keeping your floor looking its best, is by sealing it with the correct product.  This will aid in prevention of staining, efflorescent, flaking and discolouration. It is just as crucial that the correct cleaning products are used on a regular basis to prevent any streaking or damage occurring to the polished finish.

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