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We’re MyFloor, a privately owned concrete grinding, and polishing company. We’ve been in operation since 2009, and we boast a combined industry experience of over 40 years. Our professional services are highly refined, and quality assured to perfection. In particular, we serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the following areas:

South East Queensland


Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast


Tweed Heads

New South Wales

Northern Queensland

At My Floor, we’ve revolutionized the concrete polishing process. We’re known as industry leaders in concrete polishing, grinding, and more. Our approach has a longer-lasting and more durable gloss than conventional finishes. Not only that, but we offer a wide range of different finishes for your convenience. We’ve got grind and seal finishes, mechanically polished concrete, veneers, and many others!

Another feature you won’t find anywhere else is our lengthy warranties. For residential premises, you enjoy a 10-year written warranty. For commercial businesses, we have a 5-year written warranty for your protection. These are by far the most extended warranties that you’re going to find on the market today! That’s because we have supreme confidence in the quality of our work. We’ve got a flawless reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations!

We’ve also got tons of state-of-the-art equipment at our company. We’ve got both large and small concrete grinding machines. That means that we can complete any project from a 20,000m2 industrial floor to a 20m2 residential patio. For every job we achieve, we work efficiently and with minimal disruption! Our team goes to rigorous efforts to ensure the utmost quality of our service and finishes. It’s just one of our many high standards that you won’t find at any other company in our industry!


Our Service Standards

Clear client communication is essential to achieving quality outcomes. Our team will match your vision with our elite-level skills. We’ll work together with you to achieve your dream flooring solution.

At My Floor, we strongly believe in forming positive individual relationships with every client. That’s why we instigate our five-point communication program with every new client:

  1. First, we conduct a pre-installation consultation with you. During this time, we’ll confirm your unique specifications for the job. You’ll get the chance to tell us precisely what you’re looking for out of your flooring solution. We’ll also open the lines of communication between you and our Site Manager. Feel free to reach out to our Site Manager with any questions or concerns during the entire process.
  1. Once we get the flooring plan together, our work can begin. Our Senior Technician or Site Manager will oversee the scope of the project. That way, we can ensure that the outcome is of the highest caliber.
  1. Once the job is all done, our Senior Technician or Site Manager will complete a final site evaluation. It will make sure that everything went smoothly and that there are no potential issues.
  1. Soon after the work is complete, our Operations Manager will give you a follow-up call. We’ll make sure that you’re delighted with our service, and we can answer any questions.
  1. We also offer ongoing maintenance and cleaning advice. That’s because we want to give your flooring solution the most extended lifespan possible.

The core of our business model revolves around good communication. We maintain our existing client relationships, as well as develop new ones. Our team excels in developing relationships that are professional, trusting, and long-lasting.

We never, ever use any sub-contractors!

Here at My Floor, we believe in making the most out of your time. We know that you’re a busy professional and don’t want to spend hours maintaining your floors. That’s why from the very start, we’ll advise the best flooring solution that works for you. We’ll take into consideration your lifestyle as well as the aesthetics of the area. For example, if you don’t have time to clean your floors every day, polished concrete is a fantastic choice.

After we create your floor, we’ll provide you with an ongoing support network. We will offer advice, services, and products that ensure your floors stay in great shape. We have everything that you’ll need for the upkeep of your new floors. We’ve got cleaning products and polishing products, and grinding, resealing, and buffing services.

If you have any cleaning or maintenance questions, don’t hesitate to call and ask! Our fantastic support team is always on standby to handle such requests.


It’s our opinion that to provide the best flooring on the market, you can’t stick to your original formula. Instead, innovation is heavily required to stay ahead of the game. At My Floor, we’re continually orchestrating innovations to ensure we stay on top. A list of our significant innovations include:

  •  We do moisture check testing to prevent de-lamination. This process gets carried out before installing a sealer/coating.
  • We offer clients the ability to see polished concrete samples onsite! We also allow you to view a completed commercial job. Reach out to us for details!
  • We possess both small and large grinding machines. That means that we can tackle any size job with minimal disruption.
  • We make use of cutting-edge quoting software to get you a detailed quote within 48 hours.
  • We’ve got specially designed tools for floor removal. These tools will ensure fast and efficient stripping without causing any major damage. Not only that, but we also provide after-care kits to our clients. That way, they can clean and maintain their floors on their own.

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It’s our mission to stay as industry leaders in decorative concrete flooring. At the same time, we want to strengthen our relationships with our existing clients.

As a company, we go to great efforts to ensure all our employees follow the same set of principles. That includes all our senior-level staff down to ground-level employees.

We’re able to maintain the excellence of our company by practicing these seven values:

  1. Striving to excel as industry leaders through quality and innovation.
  1. Conducting ourselves with the utmost professionalism at all times.
  1. Always delivering on our promises.
  1. Communicating effectively at all times.
  1. Our team has the most robust work ethic around.
  1. We always promote integrity, positivity, honesty, and respect.

7. My Floor always provides an accident and an injury-free working environment.

My Floor guarantees that our work complies with all the relevant Australian Standards. These include:

  • Our company holds an active QBCC Licence, Licence No. 1243277.
  • We’re a Master Builders Member.
  • All our technicians possess current Construction Blue Cards.
  • We comply with stringent OHSE policies.

As you can see, we’re licensed and more than qualified to do what we do at My Floor!

One of our top priorities will always be to provide safe products and work environments. Our team enjoys coverage by WorkCover Queensland. We also train them to follow our extensive safety plans.

Our safety standards include:

  • Ensuring that all staff receive proper OHSE standard training
  • Making sure our staff are always aware of any updates to safety procedures. These include updates to the worksite, equipment, and chemicals.
  • Training our staff to know when to use protective clothing and equipment.
  • Making sure all staff on-premise hold a current Blue card.
  • Making sure all our equipment gets tagged and tested regularly.
  • Maintaining Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals in use in our operation.
  • Only using chemicals that have a low V.O.C. (volatile organic compound)
  • Having $20 million in product and public liability insurance.


Why Choose My Floor for Your Flooring Solution Needs

Are you in the market for decorative concrete in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast? Then you need to use us at My Floor! We’re industry leaders in decorative concrete and other flooring solutions. Here’s a breakdown of why we’re the best in our industry today:

  • We feature an elite-level team that’s highly trained and experienced. Our team is also licensed, insured, and certified to do what we do. So far, we have a flawless reputation when it comes to wowing our clients with our work!
  • Our Site Manager will stay in constant communication with you during your project. You’ll be able to ask us any questions, as well as customize the look and feel of your floor. We also offer follow-up calls to make sure you’re delighted with our service.
  • Our rates are very affordable and competitive. We also complete all our projects in a time-efficient manner with minimal disruption.
  • For residential projects, we offer 10-year written warranties. We also provide 5-year written warranties for commercial projects.
  • We value safety and standards, and we follow them strictly.
  • Much more!

In short, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your decorative flooring needs. If you live in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast and would love some new floors, reach out to us! To do so, you can call us at 1300 693 566 to speak to one of our professionals now!



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