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Who are My Floor?

My Floor are the industry leaders for commercial, residential and industrial polished concrete and concrete flooring applications.

We are a privately owned floor grinding polishing company offering a variety of concrete polishing services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. With a combined experience of over 20 years, we offer a mix of services including polished concrete and concrete polishing, epoxy flooring and epoxy coatings, floor preparation and levelling, stone and terrazzo polishing, concrete grinding, concrete cleaning and sealing, and polished concrete topping on Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. (pangaea flooring).

We cater to all types of clients including commercial, residential, and industrial clients. It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is, our team works endlessly to ensure our clients are satisfied.

We’re a skilled, experienced, professional, and affordable company offering polished concrete floors in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We will ensure that your polished concrete and epoxy floor are installed with a great level of detail and craftsmanship nationwide.  All of the My Floor staff undergo an extensive training process to ensure your floor is installed with the only the highest quality standards and efficiency to minimise downtime during the polished concrete floor installation process. Click on the link Why Choose My Floor to find out why we are the best concrete polishing company for your next project.

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Polished Concrete Brisbane

Elegant flooring solutions don’t have to be just a dream anymore –our premier polished concrete Brisbane services allow you to make that dream a reality. Polished concrete flooring is a stylish and sophisticated design option for your home or workplace and will instantly improve the appearance of your existing concrete or natural stone polished floor. With our expert flooring solutions and broad range of services we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders for polished concrete in Brisbane. The professional team at My Floor supply and install beautiful, high quality polished concrete and epoxy floors all over Queensland and New South Wales.

As one of the leading providers of commercial, residential and industrial concrete flooring applications, we have a full range of epoxy and polished concrete systems that create a stunning and reliable foundation for your home or workplace. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some fantastic examples of our work from around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

We deliver diamond polishing, grinding, honing and sealing to all types of concrete and natural stone polished floors, and are confident that with our years of unmatched experience in the industry we will be able to guide you in selecting the best product for your unique needs. If you have a new project in mind or would like to restore your existing concrete or stone floor, the expert team at My Floor can provide you with a free onsite consultation and advice, as well as a recommendation and product samples. Our high level of detail and craftsmanship and superior service make us the top choice in polished concrete Brisbane services.

What is polished concrete flooring?

Polished concrete flooring takes your ordinary concrete surfaces from dull concrete, you’d want to cover up with carpet or tiles, and turns it into a, low maintenance flooring solution that looks fantastic. Popular new home and office designs, there are so many styles and finishes to choose from that make it a perfect flooring option for any situation.

With our state-of-the-art diamond polishing tools and trade specific techniques, we can transform your existing concrete floor into a smooth, glass-like finish that is low maintenance and cost-effective. Most projects already have an existing concrete foundation making it a cost effective solution for your home restoration or business fit-out.

The specialised multi-step process leaves you with an incredibly beautiful and versatile product that can be altered and designed to meet any criteria including mirror-like floors, low-gloss, specific colours, rustic and industrial, anti-slip flooring and high-end corporate application. Polished concrete flooring is not only functional and easy to maintain, but is also visually stunning and a fantastic way to make your home or workplace unique and elegant. Create the perfect balance of beauty and practicality in your home or workplace.

The benefits of polished concrete?

With so many colours and finishes to choose from, polished concrete gives you a unique and attractive design without breaking the bank but here are just a few other benefits you may not realise:

Accentuate and complement any existing décor
The versatility of polished concrete allows it to be designed and altered to suit your specific needs and tastes. With a variety of finishes, colours, patterns and additional design options to choose from, you can be sure there’s a solution to work with your existing style.

You don’t need to remove or replace your existing floor, polished concrete is a surface level process that takes much less time than replacing or removing a floor, saving you money right from the beginning. Polished concrete can be manicured to look like marble or granite also instantly adding class and sophistication to your home or office without the huge price tag!

Highly durable
Much harder than timber or tiles, polished concrete flooring is able to withstand even the heaviest traffic areas so it’s an ideal solution for offices, shops and restaurants. Polished concrete is resistant to spills which makes it a great option for those with children and pets.

Lower energy consumption
Just like cold tiles on a hot summer’s day, polished concrete does a great job of staying cool so not only does it look great but it can really cut down on your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Since it also reflects light brilliantly, you end up with a bright, vibrant atmosphere without a need for excessive lighting options throughout your house.

Non-toxic and allergy-friendly
As a non-porous material, polished concrete doesn’t trap toxins and allergens like other floor surfaces do. Dirt, mould and bacteria doesn’t sit in the fibres like it does with carpet, and dust mites and allergens will not get trapped improving the overall quality of the air. Something every allergy sufferer will thank you for.

Low maintenance
Polished concrete is very low maintenance and doesn’t need harsh chemicals or detergents. It’s very simple to care for and maintain – see the below section for some simple maintenance tips.

Why choose My Floor?

As industry leaders, you can be confident that your polished concrete installation is in the hands of an expert team that you can trust for a precision finish. The team at My Floor is made up of professional and experienced consultants, project managers and installers who all undergo an extensive training process to make sure your floor is installed with the highest quality standards and efficiency, and with minimal downtime so you won’t have to put your life on hold while you wait for your floor to be transformed.

We approach each project individually because we understand that every single one is different and unique, and this ensures a quality controlled installation, a complete customised problem assessment, customer satisfaction and customers who return time and time again because they’re so happy with the results.

We take our position as the leaders in polished concrete services very seriously, and are sure to have the flooring solution for you. Residential, business or industrial – we can do it all. Design a unique flooring solution for your favourite room in your house, improve the quality of your store or restaurant with our polished concrete specially designed for high traffic areas, or control the level of dust in your industrial warehouse and improve your business. Polished concrete can go anywhere, and we’ll get your job done fast and efficiently so you can get back to business.

Services we provide

While polished concrete is one of our more common services, we also offer a range of other options for you to choose from as well. Take a look at our other services below or click to find more info on each one. Otherwise, get in touch with our friendly team today and find out what we can do for you!

Polished concrete flooring
Our most popular flooring option, polished concrete is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and practicality to your home, business or warehouse. It comes in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Grind & Seal: This economical option will let you own a beautiful polished concrete floor without having to dip into your savings. Your existing concrete floor will be grinded and honed, and then sealed with a clear coating.
  • My Floor’s New York Floor: This New York floor will give you a very modern and unique flooring look. Your existing concrete floor will be grinded and stained to suit your design criteria, and then sealed with a clear coating.
  • Husqvarna Hiperfloor: Husqvarna is extremely durable and comes with a 10 year warranty on residential projects and a 5 year warranty on commercial projects. Your existing concrete floor will be grinded and polished to provide a smooth, glossy, highly polished floor.
  • My Floor’s Signature Floor: This deluxe option is backed with a 10 year warranty on residential projects and a 5 year warranty on commercial projects. Your existing concrete floor will be grinded and polished to provide a stunning mirror finish.

We are happy to provide an obligation-free quote and sample of our polished concrete finishes. Get in touch with us today.

Natural stone polished flooring
We can resurface and seal natural stone flooring using an expert process of grinding, polishing and finishing to restore it to its natural beauty. Some of our recent natural stone polishing projects included marble, travertine, sandstone and terrazzo. We can also work with limestone, granite, and anything else you may need.

Epoxy flooring
For strong and durable flooring solutions, epoxy flooring is another fantastic choice. Made up of resins and hardeners that are mixed together and solidified, epoxy is an extremely strong and rigid flooring material that’s perfect for demanding industrial environments that take a heavy beating every day. We can cater to all your needs and requirements, including industrial heavy duty epoxy, slip resistant epoxy, chemical resistant epoxy, UV resistant epoxy, decorative epoxy flooring and much more.

Floor preparation
Whatever type of flooring you’re installing, correct floor preparation is always imperative to make sure the installation job is done right. Our floor preparation services involve concrete grinding and levelling before floor coverings or epoxy flooring is laid. This provides you with a strong and balanced foundation for any type of flooring. We are skilled and experienced in all of these areas of concrete grinding, floor removal, sandblasting, shot blasting and scabbling.

Maintain your polished concrete floor

Your beautiful polished concrete floor requires very little care and maintenance but there are a few things you can do to keep it looking like brand new:

  • Vacuum or dust your floor regularly. If it is in a higher traffic area, you should dust more often. If dust sits for a long time on your floor it can be abrasive and ruin the shine of polished concrete.
  • Mop your floor using clean water, a clean microfiber mop and a neutral floor cleaner. Wring out the mop well so water doesn’t sit on your floor for too long. Do not use bleach, chemicals or citrus based cleaners, as this can discolour and damage your floor.
  • Remove spills and stains from the floor as soon as possible so that they don’t absorb into the surface.
  • Fit protective pads to the legs of chairs, tables and other heavy furniture. This will prevent them from scratching and scuffing the surface of the floor.
  • Avoid direct heat from appliances like free standing heaters.

These simple steps will go a long way in extending the life of your polished concrete floor, and keep it looking smooth and glossy. Take a look at our our Polished Concrete Maintenance page for more detailed info on looking after your fantastic new floor.

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My Floor has exactly what you need to achieve the floor of your dreams and make all your vision into a reality. Our professional quality and reasonable prices will not be matched. Find out why we are the leading experts in polished concrete Brisbane services and get in touch with us today for more information, technical advice or to discuss your individual requirements. We are also happy to provide an obligation-free quote and floor samples.

You can call us on 1300 693 566 during office hours Monday-Friday or use our online contact form. We also have a showroom that is open by appointment only, where you can view our products on display for ideas and inspiration.

The team of My Floor consists of expert consultants, project managers and installers enabling us to approach all epoxy and concrete flooring projects individually. This ensures complete customised problem assessment, quality controlled installation, customer satisfaction and reoccurring business throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Check out our most recent polished concrete projects in the photo gallery to see some of our amazing craftsmanship.

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