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Sometimes our clients want to install polished concrete or epoxy over existing floors. To do so, we have to ‘strip’ (remove) the floor of all coverings and coatings. It’s called floor stripping, and it is an essential part of what we do at My Floor. We can remove ceramic tiles, timber flooring, vinyl flooring, cork flooring, carpet, epoxy coatings, and more. Reach out to us if you need floor stripping services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast! My Floor has the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to remove your floor covering while minimizing damage to the concrete substrate. Here’s a look at our floor stripping process in greater detail.



Understanding the Two Definitions of Floor Stripping


It’s important to know that the term floor stripping has two different meanings. The difference lies in both the equipment used and the flooring types that we remove.

Meaning #1: Removing floor coverings with floor strippers and concrete grinders

The first meaning for floor stripping is for floor coverings only. These are coverings such as ceramic tiles, timber, vinyl flooring, cork tiles, and more. For these coverings, we use our premium-grade stripping machines. At My Floor, we have both walk-behind and ride-on floor stripping models to ensure we can reach all areas.

Once the floor covering is no more, we need to get rid of the glue and carpet adhesive. To do so, we use our concrete grinding equipment to get rid of all the residue. Then we can prepare the surface for another floor covering such as polished concrete!

Meaning #2: Removing floor coatings with concrete grinders, sandblasting/shot blasting, or chemical strippers

The second meaning is for removing floor coatings or concrete sealers. These include epoxy coatings and existing protective coatings. To remove these coatings, we use our concrete grinders for flooring or sandblasting equipment on walls. Depending on the situation, we can use chemical strippers or sandblasting/shot blasting machines if necessary.

Regardless of the type of floor stripping you need, it’s crucial to use experts like us. That’s because to do it right; you need state-of-the-art equipment and a ton of knowledge. We’ve got all the above and more at My Floor! Be sure to get in touch if you need floor stripping in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast!



Our incredible team at My Floor can strip out floor coverings in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room in your home! Not only that, but we can strip spaces in your commercial and industrial properties as well. Here’s a look at the types of coverings and coatings that we’re experts at removing:

-Ceramic tile removal. We excel in removing all types of tile. If you’ve got ceramic tile floors that you want to get rid of in Brisbane, reach out to us! We’ll use our state-of-the-art floor removal tools and concrete grinders to remove all tiles, glue and tile bedding. We’ll also extract all the dust, so your space is nice and tidy when the stripping gets done!

-Timber floor removal. Are your timber floors looking old and cracked? Would you love to rejuvenate them with a brand-new look? Then you’ll be happy to know that we can remove all types of timber flooring at My Floor! Whether you’ve got floating timber floors or plank-on-ply, we can remove it all!

-Vinyl floor removal. It’s time to get rid of those throwback vinyl floors in your Gold Coast business! At My Floor, we’ll use our ride-on vinyl stripper machines to say goodbye to them forever! Then we’ll use our concrete grinders to get rid of all the glue residue.

-Glue removal. Removing glue can be a real chore if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, we can easily remove all types of adhesives with our equipment. That way, your surfaces will be smooth and ready for a new floor covering!

-Slate tile removal. Were you thinking about revamping your driveway? Then you’ll need us to remove your slate for you. It requires specialized equipment to separate the slate from the surface. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the floor underneath.

-Cork floor removal. Cork floors are notoriously drab and dull. Give your floor a facelift by installing a new covering or coating! We’ll strip away the cork entirely to make way for something new and exciting!

-AstroTurf removal. Nobody likes looking at old, worn-out astroturf! Our team at My Floor will altogether remove your astroturf for you. We love taking all the stress and hassle out of astroturf removal for our clients!

-Direct stick carpet removal. If you aren’t a professional, trying to remove direct stick carpet will be a nightmare. The adhesive can secure the carpet to the concrete underneath so it’s almost impossible to remove. You need our team at My Floor to use our specialized machinery to remove it all entirely!

-Tile Bedding removal. Removing bedding is a huge undertaking. If you need to remove bedding in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast, you need us! We’ll bring our knowledgeable team and cutting edge equipment to make quick work of it!

-Epoxy coating removal. Epoxy coatings are incredibly durable and bond very well to the underlying surface. They’re next to impossible to remove without the right equipment! We can remove all types of epoxy coatings, including waterproof epoxy coatings!

-Stencil Crete removal. While stencil crete is beautiful, it can wear down over time. If you’ve got unattractive stencil crete in Brisbane, reach out to us at My Floor! We’ve got the expertise to get the job done in no time.

-Concrete Paint removal. Do you have a terrible flaky floor paint job in your Sunshine Coast cafe? Then you need to contact us to get rid of it for you! That way, you can use one of our attractive concrete coatings that will never flake or peel!

-Wall tile removal. If your wall tiles are dirty, cracked, or faded, it’s time to let them go! We’ll use our specialized machinery to get rid of all the tile and adhesives!

-Terracotta tile removal. Removing decaying terracotta tiles is labor-intensive. Trust us; it’s not something you want to try on your own. Please leave it to our experts at My Floor to entirely remove your terracotta tiles to make way for something new!

If you need floor stripping in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast, using My Floor is a must! We’re industry leaders in floor stripping for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Here are the main benefits you’ll receive by letting us strip your floors!

-An expert team with dozens of years of experience and know-how

-State-of-the-art equipment to remove any floor coating or coverings

-Affordable rates and outstanding customer service

-Extended warranties

-Free estimates for every new project

-Efficient Floor strippers with little to no down-time for your business

-Service for Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast

-The ability to both strip your floor and install new coatings and coverings on top!


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Top 10 reasons to choose My Floor

Floor solutions are delicate processes that take professionals to do correctly. That’s why you need to hire our team at My Floor. We’re by far the most experienced and reputable floor solution company in Queensland. You’ll be in great hands when you choose us, and there are many reasons why. Here are the top factors why we’re the best concrete polishing company out there today:

14 years in the business

My Floor is here for the long-term. We got started in 2009, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we continue to grow and expand each year that we’ve been in business. Our longevity is due to our expertise and excellent service. We have superior product knowledge, and we’ve even crafted our own signature flooring solutions. Our team members have also mastered the art of problem-solving on the fly. As a result, we’re able to handle any issue that we encounter with total ease.

Small enough to care, large enough to deliver

We have a total of 8 team members at our company. To us, it’s the perfect sweet spot for us and our customers. We’re small enough to give a very personal touch while large enough to tackle giant projects. Our team can handle tasks that range in size from 20m2 to 20000m2. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial services, all with equal quality and dedication.

Stellar Google reviews

All it takes is one quick internet search to realize how great of a reputation we have. Currently, My Floor boasts almost 100 reviews with a 4.8 average score. All our reviews are candid and totally authentic. We believe our reviews speak for themselves, so don’t be shy about checking them out!

We add value with no complications

Whether our flooring solutions are for your business or home, we add serious value to our clients. Our polished concrete will save you money on electricity and energy, as well as add value to your home. For industrial environments, our no-slip coatings will keep your employees safe and protected. We’re in the business of adding value without complicating matters. The same can’t be said for our competitors!

QBCC Licensed

Most of the companies that you’ll find in Queensland are not certified. At My Floor, we boast our QBCC license, which allows us to carry out concrete coatings and polishing. It’s another mark of our professionalism and expertise.

Ongoing support for our clients

Our services don’t end when we finish with your flooring solution. We’ll educate you on adequately maintaining your floor, and we can perform minor repairs and fixes for you. We value you as our client, and it’s our goal to secure your long-term business. That’s why we won’t hesitate to go above and beyond for you.

Professional team support

We boast incredible attention to detail in our services. We also keep an open line of communication with our team and clients. You’ll always be able to get a hold of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Quality control

We have rigorous measures in place to ensure our quality stays the same every time. Our project managers mean business, and they check up on all our job sites. They’ll also keep in touch with you to ensure your satisfaction during the entire process.

Pre-installation meeting

We’ll consult with you in great detail on what you want out of your flooring solutions. That way, you’ll have complete control over how your flooring installation goes.

Specialists will provide you with extra knowledge

We’ve been in business for 14 years, and we’ve accrued tons of knowledge during that time. Educating our clients is also a big part of what we do, so don’t be shy about asking questions!

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