Terrazzo Grinding and Polishing

Terrazzo Grinding & Sealing

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Terrazzo Grinding, Polishing and Sealing

Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

My Floor uses grinding and polishing methods for repairing and restoring Terrazzo bench tops, walls or floors. We utilize our high quality cleaning methods, tools and products in order that your Terrazzo surfaces of any size and shape remain looking at their very best. The end result is a net reduction in maintenance costs over the long time.


We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer, which is why our pages describing the services we provide are much more than simple listings. In order to choose the best option for yourself, it’s appropriate that you know what Terrazzo actually is before committing. A Terrazzo surface consists of two distinct components or layers.


First component in the Terrazzo is called the “binder” and gives the actual volume to a Terrazzo surface. The binder is usually a resin of some sort, either polyester, epoxy or cement resin. This first component gives the Terrazzo floor its durability and helps it remain the same shape and size over time, as it is exposed to impact and other abrasive factors.


The second component, which gives flourish to a Terrazzo surface, is called “aggregate” and consists of various particles, ranging in size from 1-20 mm. These particles have the function of decorative fillers in a Terrazzo floor and enhance its looks. They also serve as anchor points onto which resin, the first component, latches to form a consistent mass which can resist decay much better than if a Terrazzo was made out of a single component.


What the decorative filler is depends solely on your imagination. The decorative fillers can range from coloured marble particles, crushed glass, granite aggregate, broken seashells and anything else you can think of. This rich variety of forms means you can find something that punctuates your Terrazzo floor and makes it unique and unlike any other.


One way to create Terrazzo is by purchasing a premade set of tiles, which will then be installed by a professional tiler by hand. The next step is then to grind the surface to remove lippage and finally, the floor is polished and sealed with a decorative finish. Combined, these methods ensure a long lasting and beautiful Terrazzo floor, bench top or wall.


Alternatively, you can also use a custom process whereby you create your own Terrazzo by mixing resin/binder with aggregate on the spot. Creating and pouring your own Terrazzo in resin-to-aggregate ratios you desire means you will get exactly the look you want. Also, this method makes it possible to immediately correct any peculiarities you notice on the Terrazzo surface, before it’s cured. This provides a seamless, grout-free and completely original surface, ready for polishing and sealing.

A variety of terrazzo, used in highly demanding environments, is called terrazzite. This is an industrial-grade material that is resistant to shock, corrosion and bacterial growth, especially suited for use in spaces which require durable yet easily cleaned floor surfaces, such as food and beverage processing facilities. We are proud to be officially recommended as terrazzite installers by Nuplex.


On the contrary, terrazzo by itself is extremely porous and stains easily. Further, acid-based liquids and materials tend to etch the surface of an untreated terrazzo surface and quickly ruin both its appearance and function. This is why it’s necessary to treat your terrazzo with a high quality product, such as those My Floor has on offer.


My Floor offers a polishing process for terrazzo surfaces that gives them a glass-like appearance which will add longevity and restore the original look of the terrazzo floor. This is the same process used to treat granite and marble floors. Polishing smoothens the top layer of the surface, thereby removing the pores in which the dirt and other substances accumulate, making cleaning much easier, cheaper and more effective.


When My Floor performs polishing maintenance on a terrazzo surface, it becomes much easier to maintain and repair. We also offer ongoing maintenance at a reduced rate for repeat clients. This maintenance comes with a warranty that ensures your terrazzo surface will be truly everlasting.


Terrazzo Polishing process we employ is a truly natural process that uses only non-toxic materials that are environmentally friendly. The benefits of this process are numerous, but among the most notable ones are that the surface attains a glossy or matte look, without the need for repeated treatments. This process also eliminates the need to remove wax finishes which may present on the floor already, also contributing to the overall cost reduction.


Currently, My Floor services clients located in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. If you have any questions about Terrazzo Polishing or any other method, tool or product we use, feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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