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Concrete Sealing and Cleaning 

Concrete flooring is a great alternative to all other flooring solutions and can be found in many environments, such as homes, offices and industrial environments.

While concrete flooring can sometimes represent a relatively significant investment, it is elegant, durable and can fit in easily with every other architectural or design choice. However, concrete flooring can be extremely difficult to maintain since commercially available cleaning products generally cannot fully clean, repair or protect concrete flooring from the wear and tear.

We at My Floor understand there is a demand for a reliable, efficient and affordable concrete sealing and cleaning service. We realized that concrete flooring maintenance is a real challenge for other floor companies and thus started My Floor with that ambitious goal in sight.

Not only is concrete flooring a long term investment, but its improper cleaning and repair can represent a massive drain on the budget of any company. Only correct treatment of concrete flooring, delivered with the use of right techniques and high quality tools, will ensure that it remains in service for years or even decades. Maintenance of concrete flooring involves much more than just making it shiny and clean - it must result in a lasting floor.

Maintaining Your Concrete Floor

The reason why the maintenance of concrete flooring can be so challenging lies in the fact that concrete is a highly porous material on its own.

This makes it very susceptible to absorption of foreign matter and especially liquids, which are then deposited in the pores and permanently change the structure of the concrete. The inevitable result of this gradual absorption process is that your beloved concrete floor over time changes its appearance and eventually becomes permanently stained.

The damage done this way extends beyond looks, however, as the concrete flooring sustains chemical damage, especially in industrial environments that regularly deal with caustic chemicals.

The solution to this otherwise natural and inevitable process of decay is to shield the concrete flooring from penetration of dirt, oils and any other foreign materials that are naturally present in the atmosphere.

The most efficient solution for doing so is to apply an artificial coating of specially formulated chemicals, an impregnating sealer, that will close the pores.

An alternative solution is to use a sacrificial coating which will be chipped and eaten away by the environmental influences, leaving concrete flooring untouched.

In any case, we highly recommend that all protective solutions are applied immediately upon the installation of concrete flooring for the absolute best effect.

Concrete Sealing

The concrete sealing product line we use at My Floor for all our clients includes a wide range of efficient, innovative and practical concrete flooring impregnating sealers.

These sealers have many different varieties but the most important distinction is whether they are clear or opaque. A clear impregnating sealer will preserve the natural look of your concrete flooring, while an opaque sealer will enhance its colours and outline its natural brilliance and hue.

Whichever concrete sealing products you choose, rest assured that your concrete flooring is properly protected, as all our impregnating sealers have an extensive warranty which, for certain products, goes up to several decades

High Pressure Concrete Cleaning in Brisbane

High Pressure Concrete Cleaning in Brisbane

Impregnation of concrete flooring with any of our concrete sealing products first requires that we thoroughly prepare the surface area through several steps which differ depending on the circumstances.

These steps are invariably connected with cleaning of the pores with a high pressure water jet in order to remove all contaminants embedded deep within the material. The exact cleaning parameters used will depend on the exact type of material used in the flooring, such as concrete or stone, as to not cause any damage to it.

In this way, we achieve complete decontamination of the flooring material and prepare it for the application of impregnating sealant.

Our clients approach us with requests to concrete sealing service wildly different surface areas, ranging anywhere from a 20 m2 patio to a 20,000 m2 car park. Responding to these requests resulted in My Floor possessing a rich arsenal of concrete flooring cleaning tools and solutions, as well as adaptability and solid planning skills.

We can perform maintenance on any size of residential concrete flooring and scale the necessary methods up to a large commercial area of any size. Simply put, we enjoy all challenges presented to us by our clients, as they are what makes us grow and improve our company even more.

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For now, Our concrete sealing services cover only the regions of Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast due to the logistical challenges presented by the transportation of necessary machinery and personnel.

If you have any questions regarding our price structure and availability, feel free to contact us. We will endeavour to respond to all your queries in a timely fashion and give you an accurate estimate of the timeframe and cost of all concrete flooring maintenance you might need.

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