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  • Feb 26 2015

    Myths Busted: The Truth About Concrete Flooring

    The Truth About Concrete FlooringMyth 1: Bare concrete floors are cold and moistNewer homes rarely don’t contain insulation these days, therefore keeping houses warm and cosy. Installing a vapour barrier under a new slab of concrete is now required to make the concrete moist-resistant making concrete problem free. Because of these features, more and more people want bare concrete in their homes.Furthermore, people can install an in-floor radiant heat before pouring concrete that’s temperature controlled. It circulates heated water through polyethylene tubing to create a warm environment. Some heating systems allow retrofitting into existing concrete using a self-levelling overlay to…

    By Matt Pluples

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  • Sep 18 2014

    Polished Concrete Overlays

    Polished Concrete Toppings and OverlaysPolished overlay is used for fixing damaged or old flooring to make it look more sleek and modern. Existing concrete may have vast flaws including spalled areas, carpet tack holes, cracks, stains, pitted, not level or just in general, extensive patchwork. Getting overlay will give it a smooth finish. Decorative concrete overlay isn’t as restricted when it comes to the application of topical colours like polished concrete. Polished overlays are also more economical and that is the main reason companies are getting it done.Some want a terrazzo-like look which can be accomplished by seeding the concrete overlay…

    By Matt Pluples

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  • Jul 24 2014

    Epoxy Flooring Gold Coast

    Congratulations to the Gold Coast My Floor Team who have just completed over 7000m2 of epoxy coatings at the Caterpillar warehouse in Yatala. Caterpillar specified their certain requirements and specifications for a particular need. Our consultants conducted onsite analysis to ensure we would provide a long lasting floor suitable for vehicle traffic in excess of 50 tonnes per vehicle.

    By Matt Pluples

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