Standard concrete is economical, but it looks rather dull. It also creates a lot of dust, isn’t very durable, and stains easily. Polished concrete, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of this. It’s incredibly durable, looks brilliant and shiny, and is resistant to stains. Polishing your concrete can completely transform your surface. The process involves grinding back the top layers of the concrete slab. This reinforces the concrete, levels it out, and gets rid of any imperfections. Grinding the slab can also reveal aggregate underneath, which has a stylish look. We also add densifiers and hardening agents to add durability and resistance.

At My Floor, we use state-of-the-art diamond polishing equipment and superior techniques. These allow us to transform your concrete into a glass-like, shimmering finish. The chances are that your floors already have an existing concrete foundation. This makes polished concrete an easy and cost-effective solution! Now you can add glamour and sophistication to any space. Many techniques can alter the look and feel of your polished concrete. You can achieve mirror-like floors, different colours, rustic, low-gloss, and more! There are also many options for decorative enhancements like swirls and splashes! Polished concrete is low maintenance and will last for decades. It will allow you to find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality!



Mechanically polished concrete is a sophisticated and very durable indoor flooring solution. It’s very low maintenance and is incredibly easy to keep clean. It’s ideal for homes, commercial buildings, offices, and retail flooring. These unique floors will retain their shine and hardness without the use of a coating. Be sure to ask about Signature Floor, our own trademarked concrete polishing method!


Hone and seal polished concrete is perfect if you’re after a more natural-looking solution. The look and feel are similar to grind and seal without the choice of a gloss finish. It’s exceptionally durable and is ideal for outdoor areas since it’s naturally non-slip. It’s also trendy for retail flooring, shopping centers, warehouse flooring, and more!


Grind and seal is a less expensive solution compared to mechanically polished floors. It also can produce very similar looking results! Not only that, but it’s also a perfect choice for outdoor residential areas! It’s incredibly durable, and you can add UV-resistant and anti-slip coatings as extras.


Burnished polished concrete is a perfect fit for factories, warehouses, and ritzy industrial-style homes. Benefits include its affordable price, durability, and water-resistance. Burnished floors can have quite a stylish look if done right. It’s also a complicated process that can quickly go wrong, so be sure to use our talented staff at My Floor! We excel at installing flawless burnished concrete.


PCV is a 15mm topping for when you want to change the look and colour of your existing floor. If this sounds like you, then our polished concrete veneer is perfect! Rather than grind the existing concrete or install a 50mm thick slab, a thin veneer can fit right on top of the floor! Our polished concrete veneer has 30 different colours and will work over concrete, timber, and any other sound structural flooring surface.


Epoxy floors are our strongest and most resistant flooring options. Due to their enhanced durability, they’re perfect for industrial environments. They’re widespread in manufacturing warehouse flooring, brewery flooring, aviation flooring, and more! They’re also a terrific choice for your enhancing your garage floor. Reach out to us at My Floor for your epoxy flooring needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast!


At My Floor, we offer many epoxy resin and cement flooring options that are strictly decorative. They will still provide a very durable and easy to clean surface! Options include our troweled on Feather Finish Flooring System and spray on Concrete Resurfacing. Our team can add dazzling effects such as marbling, splashes, swirls, and droplets to our metallic epoxy flooring.


Is your floor not made of concrete but marble, granite, or terrazzo? Then you’ll be happy to know that we can still add shine and resilience to your floor! Our floor treatments will accentuate the natural beauty of your stone surface. The talented team at My Floor can also provide service for foundations of all sizes! Let us turn your dull stone floor into a beautiful work of art!


Preparing the floor is one of if not the most crucial step in installing floor coverings to a concrete surface. That’s because it will affect the overall outcome of your floor. For example, if you don’t clean and smooth out your concrete, your coating or floor covering will only enhance the flaws. Luckily, we’re the masters of floor preparation at My Floor! Our team will ensure that your floor is clean, leveled, and free of any cracks or marks. That way, your flooring will look spectacular!


Our Service Standards

Clear client communication is essential to achieving quality outcomes. Our team will match your vision with our elite-level skills. We’ll work together with you to achieve your dream flooring solution.

At My Floor, we strongly believe in forming positive individual relationships with every client. That’s why we instigate our five-point communication program with every new client:

  1. First, we conduct a pre-installation consultation with you. During this time, we’ll confirm your unique specifications for the job. You’ll get the chance to tell us precisely what you’re looking for out of your flooring solution. We’ll also open the lines of communication between you and our Site Manager. Feel free to reach out to our Site Manager with any questions or concerns during the entire process.
  1. Once we get the flooring plan together, our work can begin. Our Senior Technician or Site Manager will oversee the scope of the project. That way, we can ensure that the outcome is of the highest caliber.
  1. Once the job is all done, our Senior Technician or Site Manager will complete a final site evaluation. It will make sure that everything went smoothly and that there are no potential issues.
  1. Soon after the work is complete, our Operations Manager will give you a follow-up call. We’ll make sure that you’re delighted with our service, and we can answer any questions.
  1. We also offer ongoing maintenance and cleaning advice. That’s because we want to give your flooring solution the most extended lifespan possible.

The core of our business model revolves around good communication. We maintain our existing client relationships, as well as develop new ones. Our team excels in developing relationships that are professional, trusting, and long-lasting.

We never, ever use any sub-contractors!

Here at My Floor, we believe in making the most out of your time. We know that you’re a busy professional and don’t want to spend hours maintaining your floors. That’s why from the very start, we’ll advise the best flooring solution that works for you. We’ll take into consideration your lifestyle as well as the aesthetics of the area. For example, if you don’t have time to clean your floors every day, polished concrete is a fantastic choice.

After we create your floor, we’ll provide you with an ongoing support network. We will offer advice, services, and products that ensure your floors stay in great shape. We have everything that you’ll need for the upkeep of your new floors. We’ve got cleaning products and polishing products, and grinding, resealing, and buffing services.

If you have any cleaning or maintenance questions, don’t hesitate to call and ask! Our fantastic support team is always on standby to handle such requests.


It’s our opinion that to provide the best flooring on the market, you can’t stick to your original formula. Instead, innovation is heavily required to stay ahead of the game. At My Floor, we’re continually orchestrating innovations to ensure we stay on top. A list of our significant innovations include:

  •  We do moisture check testing to prevent de-lamination. This process gets carried out before installing a sealer/coating.
  • We offer clients the ability to see polished concrete samples onsite! We also allow you to view a completed commercial job. Reach out to us for details!
  • We possess both small and large grinding machines. That means that we can tackle any size job with minimal disruption.
  • We make use of cutting-edge quoting software to get you a detailed quote within 48 hours.
  • We’ve got specially designed tools for floor removal. These tools will ensure fast and efficient stripping without causing any major damage. Not only that, but we also provide after-care kits to our clients. That way, they can clean and maintain their floors on their own.

services information

Our mission is to the be the industry leaders for decorative concrete flooring while continuously strengthening our relationships and network with existing and new clients.

We, as a company, ensure that all our employees – from management through to the team on the ground, follow and lead by example with the same set of principles.

At My Floor we create and maintain ‘quality’ within our company, by following our 7 core values.

  • We strive to excel as industry leaders through innovation & quality
  • We always conduct ourselves with professionalism
  • We always deliver on promises
  • We always strive to communicate effectively
  • We ensure our team has a strong work ethic
  • We promote positivity, honesty, integrity and respect
  • We provide an incident and injury free working environment

My Floor guarantees that all products and methods used to create your floor comply with the relevant Australian Standards and Safety Standards.

  • My Floor holds a current QBCC Licence, no. 1243277
  • My Floor are a Master Builders Member
  • My Floor’s technicians hold current Construction Blue Cards
  • My Floor complies with strict OHS policies

Promoting the safe use of products as well as providing safe working environments is a priority at My Floor. All our employees are covered by WorkCover Queensland and are provided with training to follow our extensive safety plans.

We comply with all safety standards and regulations by;

  • Ensuring all our staff are provided with training to meet OHSE standards.
  • We ensure that all employees are fully aware and have access to safety updates of procedures for the job site, equipment and chemicals.
  • Employees are trained in the use of personal protective clothing and equipment.
  • Ensuring all employees on site hold a current Blue Card.
  • Ensuring all of our equipment is tagged, tested and up to date.
  • Maintaining Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals held in vehicles and office.
  • Only using chemicals that are of a low V.O.C nature (volatile organic compound)
  • We have public & product liability insurance

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