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My Floor offers a wide range of tailored flooring solutions to meet the needs of any client.

Concrete Polishing

We offer Polished Concrete Solutions to suit any design or functionability requirement, including Commercial Polished Concrete, Industrial Polished Concrete and Residential Polished Concrete projects.

We are certified contractors and have carried out such works to large commercial projects including Dan Murphys in Bega and Canberra. 

As a variation to the Hiperfloor system, we have created our own process with the same performance we call Signature Floor which provides not only a durable and hard wearing surface but is a mirror reflection finish.  This finish as been used in large scale projects such as Foodworks Burpengary and Bangalow, and IGA Iluka.

For those clients with a smaller budget we can offer a Grind and Seal floor which provides a visually pleasing finish and cost-effective. 

For any projects requiring a non-slip finish we offer our Hone & Seal finish which is an External Polished Concrete  process with a decorative wet-look sealer to enhance the natural beauty of your concrete.

Becoming more popular is our Industrial Polished Concrete, also known as the New York Concrete finish a very unique style and technique ideal for any commercial or industrial application.

Our service includes detailed information and Polished Concrete Maintenance instructions provided upon completion of any floor to ensure that your asset is looked after correctly, to last you years to come.

Epoxy Flooring

My Floor can complete a variety of different epoxy flooring finishes and techniques to achieve any industry requirement such as:

  • Industrial Heavy Duty Epoxy for use in warehouses, factories or processing facilities.
  • Slip Resistant Epoxy for any application where slips or falls are imminent.
  • Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring for processing factories, workshops and hospitals.
  • Anti-Static Flooring for offices, or any electronics manufacturing facility.
  • Anti-Microbial Flooring for hospitals, schools and nursing homes.
  • Decorative Epoxy Flooring ideal for residential projects, retail, food and beverage stores.
  • Polymer Flooring for manufacturing and industrial premises, shopping centres and warehouses.
  • Waterproof Flooring for any application which is subject to constant abuse by liquids.
  • UV Resistant Flooring for protection of any floor system which is not UV resistant, or use in any application which may be subject to sunlight.
  • Epoxy Line Marking for all commercial applications requiring zebra crossing, chevron markings, parking spaces, loading docks and store rooms.
  • Food Preparation Flooring for any food and beverage processing facility.
  • Polyurethane Flooring for warehousing, food and beverage processing, supermarkets and health centres.
  • Low Odour Flooring for any industry where the premises are continually operated, preventing any health concerns or business interruption.
  • Epoxy Flake Floor suitable for use in any residential premise, internal and external use, retail stores, aged care and hospitals.
  • Urethane Cement Floor suitable for use in cool rooms or freezers, commercial kitchens and food processing facilties.
  • Joint Sealing for use in both internal and external areas, repair to existing joints, construction and movement joints, installation of new joints.
  • Glow in the Dark Floors for use in train and bus stations, sporting or entertainment venues, safety flooring applications, loading docks, schools and universities.

Floor Preparation

 Concrete Grinding

My Floor provides concrete grinding for all your concrete surfaces.  This is utilised most frequently for floor levelling or floor preparation.   My Floor does anywhere between a light and a heavy grind.  We have either large commercial or smaller residential concrete grinding machines able to achieve a cost-effective solution in an efficient time with minimal disruption.  If you have any high spots on your concrete floor, resulting in a very un-safe workplace, we have the correct diamond concrete tooling to grind a level floor, also effectively removing any dangerous lippage.

Concrete Scabbling

Our concrete scabbling service will provide you with minimal disruption to your business, while removing the required amount of concrete from the substrate to provide the desired height that you require efficiently.

Shotblasting and Sandblasting

My Floor can offer shotblasting and sandblasting services to prepare a substrate suitable for application of other finishes, sealers or coatings.  We can also use this method to create a decorative, textured look on the existing substrate, to be used as the finished floor.

Floor Stripping

My Floor can remove all existing carpet, tiles, vinyl, epoxy, timber, paint etc, and then prepare the concrete underneath for the client’s new floor covering.  My Floor uses both 3 phase and single phase grinding equipment and diamond tooling to achieve the most satisfying result by grinding a level floor and also treats the concrete surface by removing any form of adhesive or coatings in order to allow a good bond for the installation of the new flooring.

Floor Levelling

Once the floor has been correctly prepared, we can then install a cementitious floor levelling compound to make the floors smooth, even and ready for the new flooring to be installed. We understand the importance of preparing the floors properly in order to prevent problems arising years later.

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Our Concrete Polishing, Epoxy Flooring, Floor Preparation, Stone & Terrazzo Polishing, and Concrete Cleaning & Sealing services are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and on the Sunshine Coast.

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