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Internal Residential Flooring

Are you tired of allergies and upkeep constantly bugging you because of your carpet or timber flooring? Do you want a flooring solution that looks amazing and is easy to maintain? Then any one of our polished concrete services would be perfect! They’re easy to keep clean and are resistant to most forms of bacteria, dirt, and mold! Polished concrete looks sophisticated and can add value to any interior space!

External Residential Flooring

You need to make sure your external floors are non-slip, durable, and look great. For patios, driveways, and pathways, we would recommend hone and seal concrete. It’s naturally non-slip and is extra durable to withstand heavy traffic. For pool areas and indoor/outdoor floors, grind and seal concrete is ideal. It’s also non-slip but can match the look of mechanically polished concrete. Epoxy flake floors and polished concrete veneers can also work outdoors.

Aviation Flooring

Airport hangars see a lot of traffic from planes, vehicles, and workers. The maintenance areas also involve chemicals and other liquids such as oil. Hangar floors need to be non-slip, super durable, and resistant to stains and chemicals. Solutions include epoxy coatings and floorings, metallic epoxy, and grind and seal concrete. Each option checks all the boxes for being a stellar flooring solution for your hangar!

Healthcare Flooring

As you might imagine, anti-bacterial flooring is a must for medical facilities. Hospital floors should also be easy to keep clean amidst all the heavy foot traffic. Not only that, but slip-resistance is also necessary, especially in emergency rooms. My Floor recommends seamless flooring solutions, such as any of our polished concrete finishes. Our epoxy coatings and floorings also work very well in the healthcare space.

Manufacturing Warehouse Flooring

Standard concrete creates a lot of dust in industrial environments. It also stains easily, gets slippery when wet, and isn’t the most durable solution. That’s why you need one of our polished concrete or epoxy flooring solutions! They’re anti-slip, chemically resistant, stain-resistant, and are incredibly strong. Our flooring solutions can easily withstand traffic from employees and forklifts!

Chemical Processing Flooring

Is your team continually spilling chemicals that do permanent damage to your concrete? Then you need one of our epoxy or polished concrete solutions! Both options are resistant to stains and damage from chemicals. They’re also straightforward to keep clean and require little maintenance. Also, the floors are strong enough to withstand whatever your lab can throw at them!

Brewery Flooring

Breweries are continually dealing with liquids and chemicals. That’s why our epoxy floors, coatings, and epoxy flake floors are great options. They’re anti-bacterial and are chemically resistant. Your epoxy floors will also be non-slip and very easy to clean! For microbreweries, our polished concrete solutions will do wonderful things for you. This is especially true if you have a restaurant or tasting section attached. Your customers will love the polished concrete’s shine and sophistication!

Aged Care Floor Solutions

If you run nursing homes, the last thing you want to deal with is problems occurring from dust mites. Dust, dirt, mold, and bacteria can attach to and grow in standard concrete, tile, and carpeting. Our polished concrete and epoxy solutions are perfect for your facilities. Reach out to us if your nursing homes are in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast!

School and University Flooring

For schools, your internal areas need to look stunning, be durable, and easy to clean. Trust us, your maintenance and cleaning staff will thank you for installing polished concrete! It will make their job far more manageable. Students will also appreciate the elegant look and sheen of your polished concrete! For the outside areas of your school, we recommend hone and seal concrete or grind and seal. Both options are trustworthy and won’t get slippery when wet!

Food and Beverage Flooring

Do you run a kitchen in Brisbane? Then you know how important it is to keep your facilities clean. Our anti-microbial mechanically polished concrete is the perfect solution. That way, you never have to worry about contaminants coming from your floors. Polished concrete is resilient enough to withstand the toughest spills and most massive amounts of traffic. Our floors also provide a level of elegance that your customers will love!

Retail Flooring

Colour selection is a big deal in the retail space. After all, you want your floor to reflect your shop’s design and branding. Epoxy flake floorings and metallic epoxy are perfect for this reason. They have the most customizable options when it comes to colour and design! You’ll have a blast picking out your floors, and our team will let you get as creative as you’d like! You also want to make sure your retail floors are very durable and slip-resistant. Luckily, our epoxy floorings do both very well!

Mechanical Workshop Flooring

A workshop prevents many hazards related to your floor. There are spills from chemicals and liquids, the risk of falls, and lots of foot and vehicle traffic. Our epoxy solutions will fortify your workshop floor so that none of these issues matter! You’ll enjoy superior durability, slip resistance, stain resistance, and other benefits! Our flooring solutions are a must if you run a workshop in Brisbane or Gold Coast!

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