Natural Stone Polishing Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Is your marble or stone floor looking scratched and dull? If so, you may need to resurface your floor with our natural stone grinding and repolishing services. We service all areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Lets take a look below at what we can do for you.



Marble Polishing and Sealing


Our Marble Polishing system involves using a unique and exclusive technique to achieve the ultimate shine and reflectivity possible for your marble floors, while producing a finish which is durable and cost-effective.

My Floor take pride in the high quality and professional service we offer for Marble Polishing to both commercial and domestic applications to fix many common problems clients have with natural stone surfaces, such as wear from foot traffic carrying abrasives throughout the home, etching by acid based spills, staining from food and beverages, efflorescence common in newly installed marble, spalling/flaking/pitting usually in areas subject to moisture, yellowing and discolouration from old wax coatings, uneven tiles or lippage common from new installations, chips and cracks due to poor installation or heavy impact damage, water rings and spots.

My Floor will polish and resurface your marble floors to restore its natural beauty, while removing any foreign particles, stains and build-up of oils and dirt that may have become embedded deep into the pores of the stone surface.  My Floors Marble Polishing system will remove any deep scratches or etching to transform your marble into a clean and highly polished surface.

One of the most important factors in keeping your floor looking its best, is by sealing it with the correct product.  This will aid in prevention of staining, efflorescent, flaking and discolouration. It is just as crucial that the correct cleaning products are used on a regular basis to prevent any streaking or damage occurring to the polished finish.


Sandstone Grinding and Sealing

Sandstone porosity varies from each application, as does the density of the stone.  As sandstone is prone to scratching, stains, fractures and can hold water its important you appoint a specialist to minimise any damage to your investment and achieve the best outcome to ensure longevity of your Sandstone.

My Floor offers a range of different services suitable to any Sandstone Flooring such as:

Sandstone grinding is used to clean the surface of existing Sandstone and remove any lippage which may have occurred from tiles moving, or if you have just had new tiles laid and require a smooth surface.

Sandstone sealing is ideal for high wear areas, where the stone has been subject to a lot of foot traffic carrying abrasives over time, wearing the surface down and making it look dull.  Sandstone grinding and sealing can be used to provide a fresh surface which looks new again.

Sandstone cleaning suitable for both internal and external areas to remove any stains present, mould or mildew.

Sandstone needs to breathe so its important to use only the correct sealers to protect the stone.  Sealing to protect the stone against water is also very important as its the most damaging element, due to its ability to carry salts which break down the binders of the sandstone resulting in your natural stone beginning to decompose.  My Floor will replace the sandstone minerals and re-bind the floor while providing an enhanced finish.

Sandstone restoration and repair is carried by a specific process of exfoliating the surface while grinding flat and patching any areas required.


We grind, polish, clean and seal all natural stones

  • Marble Floor Polishing
  • Travertine Floor Polishing
  • Limestone Floor Polishing
  • Granite Floor Polishing
  • Sandstone Floor Grinding and Sealing

Contact the team at My Floor today to speak with one of our consultants. We service BrisbaneGold Coast and Sunshine Coast.



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Top 10 reasons to choose My Floor

Floor solutions are delicate processes that take professionals to do correctly. That’s why you need to hire our team at My Floor. We’re by far the most experienced and reputable floor solution company in Queensland. You’ll be in great hands when you choose us, and there are many reasons why. Here are the top factors why we’re the best concrete polishing company out there today:

14 years in the business

My Floor is here for the long-term. We got started in 2009, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we continue to grow and expand each year that we’ve been in business. Our longevity is due to our expertise and excellent service. We have superior product knowledge, and we’ve even crafted our own signature flooring solutions. Our team members have also mastered the art of problem-solving on the fly. As a result, we’re able to handle any issue that we encounter with total ease.

Small enough to care, large enough to deliver

We have a total of 8 team members at our company. To us, it’s the perfect sweet spot for us and our customers. We’re small enough to give a very personal touch while large enough to tackle giant projects. Our team can handle tasks that range in size from 20m2 to 20000m2. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial services, all with equal quality and dedication.

Stellar Google reviews

All it takes is one quick internet search to realize how great of a reputation we have. Currently, My Floor boasts almost 100 reviews with a 4.8 average score. All our reviews are candid and totally authentic. We believe our reviews speak for themselves, so don’t be shy about checking them out!

We add value with no complications

Whether our flooring solutions are for your business or home, we add serious value to our clients. Our polished concrete will save you money on electricity and energy, as well as add value to your home. For industrial environments, our no-slip coatings will keep your employees safe and protected. We’re in the business of adding value without complicating matters. The same can’t be said for our competitors!

QBCC Licensed

Most of the companies that you’ll find in Queensland are not certified. At My Floor, we boast our QBCC license, which allows us to carry out concrete coatings and polishing. It’s another mark of our professionalism and expertise.

Ongoing support for our clients

Our services don’t end when we finish with your flooring solution. We’ll educate you on adequately maintaining your floor, and we can perform minor repairs and fixes for you. We value you as our client, and it’s our goal to secure your long-term business. That’s why we won’t hesitate to go above and beyond for you.

Professional team support

We boast incredible attention to detail in our services. We also keep an open line of communication with our team and clients. You’ll always be able to get a hold of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Quality control

We have rigorous measures in place to ensure our quality stays the same every time. Our project managers mean business, and they check up on all our job sites. They’ll also keep in touch with you to ensure your satisfaction during the entire process.

Pre-installation meeting

We’ll consult with you in great detail on what you want out of your flooring solutions. That way, you’ll have complete control over how your flooring installation goes.

Specialists will provide you with extra knowledge

We’ve been in business for 14 years, and we’ve accrued tons of knowledge during that time. Educating our clients is also a big part of what we do, so don’t be shy about asking questions!

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