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Epoxy floors are among the strongest and most resilient of all flooring materials, with superior moisture and chemical resistant qualities and the ability to endure heavy foot and vehicle traffic. My Floor’s epoxy flooring Brisbane is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective flooring solution ideal for all residential, commercial and industrial floors.

Our seamless epoxy flooring Gold Coast systems use the most advanced materials and the most trusted brands in the industry. Each floor surface is made up of several layers of epoxy coating that are secured together to form a sturdy surface at least 2mm thick. Epoxy is a strong and rigid plastic material that is made from a mixture of resins and hardeners to form a lasting, heavy-duty concrete surface that will never crack or disintegrate. This makes it suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments.

Epoxy flooring is not just known for its superior toughness - it also has a smooth and beautiful surface which makes it a great option for your home, office or commercial building. Epoxy coating simplicity allows it to fit seamlessly into any room, and we have a huge range of decorative features and additional qualities that you can add to your epoxy floor to make it work just right for you. 

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Types of Epoxy Flooring

We install many different types of epoxy flooring on Gold Coast that are suitable for all types of residential, commercial and industrial environments. All areas can benefit from our specially tailored epoxy flooring surfaces, from your home kitchen to retail stores and restaurants, to busy industrial warehouses.

Industrial Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring  is designed to strengthen the concrete floor base so it can withstand constant traffic from heavy warehouse vehicles and equipment without cracking or buckling. Your average floor is not able to take the impact of heavy loads and severe abrasion without getting damaged over time, but our industrial heavy duty epoxy flooring on Gold Coast can handle high traffic without showing any signs of damage.

Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring  is made from a mixture of coarse additives that create an abrasive flooring surface to give you a better grip when you walk on it, and to reduce the risk of slipping, skidding or falling on wet or slippery surfaces. Ideal for environments that are exposed to a lot of liquid such as restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms and public pools, our slip resistant epoxy flooring Brisbane will make it safer to walk on and less of a potential liability.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring  can be installed on both floors and walls to give superior protection from harsh chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis that can deteriorate the surface and its underlying materials, or seep into the ground and contaminate the water. Our chemical resistant epoxy flooring Gold Coast is designed for working environments that can be exposed to chemical or corrosion attack, such as chemical processing and manufacturing, food and beverage, and aviation.

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring  will protect your room or building from static electricity and electrical charges, which can lead to fires and explosions if exposed to flammable materials such as some of the ingredients in gases and liquids. Our anti-static epoxy flooring Gold Coast is made with conductive materials that store static electricity to drain potential static discharge in the air. This is particularly important in static sensitive environments like chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and health facilities.

Anti-Microbial Epoxy Flooring  has excellent anti-bacterial properties, made up of additives that fight contaminants and prevent bacteria and mould from growing. It will completely resist cleaning chemicals, abrasion, heavy traffic and extreme heat from boiling water, all of which can cause standard floor surfaces to crack and form entry points for bacteria. Our anti-microbial epoxy flooring Gold Coast is great for the health, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, as well as public restrooms, locker rooms and communal living spaces.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring  will give you a unique and beautiful floor without compromising on strength or durability. Our decorative epoxy flooring system gives you the same solid epoxy base surface, coated with 2 layers of your desired colour and then sealed with a clear, high gloss top coat that will protect the finish and provide exceptional chemical resistant properties. You have your choice of colours and textures, as well as special effects such as marbling, swirls or droplets.

Polymer Epoxy Flooring  works as a fantastic all-in-one sealer or coating that enhances, repairs and protects the flooring surface with a solid film that will resist moisture, chemicals, UV rays, heavy impact, and thermal shock. Our polymer epoxy flooring Brisbane is created by combining several chemical components to form extra strong and compact polymer layers, which are ideal for manufacturing and industrial facilities that get a lot of high foot and vehicle traffic.

Waterproof Epoxy Flooring  stops any liquids from leaking through the surface and leading to potential flooding. Even in the most humid environments our waterproof epoxy flooring Brisbane will retain its moisture resistance with its high quality resins that won’t expand or distort when exposed to moisture. A great flooring solution to protect residential or office buildings from water damage.

UV Resistant Epoxy Flooring  is designed to reduce the impact of UV rays on floor surfaces that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, such as open warehouses. UV rays and internal artificial lighting can cause your floor to fade and discolour, but our UV resistant epoxy coating will resist these effects as well as moisture, chemicals and extreme thermal changes.

Food Preparation Epoxy Flooring  gives you a hygienic, durable floor surface that will resist food and liquid spills, chemicals, and heavy impact. It will prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, and meets all the Occupational Health and Safety requirements for the food and drink industry. Our food preparation epoxy coating floor is ideal for food and beverage facilities, commercial kitchens, bars and bakery kitchens.

Polyurethane Epoxy Flooring  is a durable, heavy duty surface that resists harsh chemicals, heavy impact and fluctuating temperatures. Our polyurethane epoxy coating floor is perfect for any place where liquids, chemicals and bacteria are frequent, such as food and beverage processing facilities, chemical plants, manufacturing warehouses, textile plants and pharmaceutical facilities.

Low Odour Epoxy Flooring  is designed for high performance industrial floors that produce strong odours during the installation and concrete curing stages, which can often be a health risk if the site needs to keep running during this period. Our low odour epoxy flooring is made from volatile organic compounds which have little to no natural odour, allowing you to minimise downtime and keep operating as you normally would.

Epoxy Flake Floor  incorporates high quality epoxy coatings and water based systems with your choice of colours to create a smooth and attractive flecked surface. Durable, non-slip and water resistant, our epoxy flake floor is also sealed with a UV resistant top coat to prevent discolouration over its lifetime. These epoxy coating floors are popular for garages and driveways, external patios, walkways, schools, sporting venues and healthcare facilities.

Glow In The Dark Epoxy Flooring  will give your floor a truly unique edge, perfect for artistic functions such as in entertainment venues and sporting facilities, or as a safety application on footpaths, steps and railings. Our phosphorescent, non-toxic glow in the dark epoxy flooring can be used as line markings on concrete or existing epoxy floors, and comes in a variety of colour options. It works by absorbing light and then releasing it slowly, giving your floor a luminous glow for hours even in complete darkness. 

Additional Epoxy Flooring Brisbane Services

At My Floor we also offer additional services to enhance your epoxy flooring Brisbane and make it suitable for a wider range of activities.

Epoxy Line Marking  can be installed in any colour with an optional non-slip finish. Our precision and attention to detail will ensure a smooth and effective design for anything you need, including zebra crossings, car parking lines, sports line markings and much more.

Joint Sealing  is a vital part of keeping your floor protected from moisture leaking through cracks, and mould and insects getting through. Our silicone and polyurethane sealants come in various colours to match your floor, and are designed for use on internal and external concrete, areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture, commercial kitchens (or anywhere else food and beverage is prepared), fire rated joints, expansion joints and able flex joints. Joint sealing should be performed on a regular basis to keep your home, business or office free from bacteria and water build up. 

Our Epoxy Flooring Suppliers

At My Floor we have built up a solid reputation in the flooring industry and we have a number of mutually beneficial partnerships with trusted and reputable epoxy flooring suppliers both in Australia and internationally. Some of our suppliers include:

AllChemInternational manufacturer of chemicals, sealers and epoxy with their Australian office located in Brisbane. They are our exclusive Australian distributers for the specialised German-made KLB Kotztal epoxy systems, which are internationally renowned for their superior quality.

ParchemNation-wide supplier of epoxy and specialist concrete products, located in Queensland and New South Wales. They have more than 50 years of experience supplying and manufacturing quality products for the construction, civil and concrete industries.

MetzSupplier of epoxy and specialist concrete resurfacing products all over Australia and internationally, with offices located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They specialise in manufacturing and supplying superior flooring protection against strong chemicals, to ensure a long lasting floor.

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