Epoxy Flooring in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Do you want your floors always to stay clean and never crack or disintegrate? Then you need the best epoxy coatings Brisbane has to offer. That’s what we do here at My Floor! We provide premium epoxy flooring and coatings for a large part of Australia. We have the best epoxy flooring Gold Coast, Brisbane, and surrounding areas have ever seen! You may be wondering what an epoxy coating or flooring is, so let’s take a quick look at what it’s all about.



Understanding Epoxy Resins


Epoxy is a sturdy plastic material that comes from combining resins and hardeners together. This causes a chemical reaction that forms a thick and durable film coat in various gloss levels. Epoxy floors are the strongest and longest-lasting of all flooring materials. They’re incredibly resistant to moisture, chemicals, oils, and more. Epoxy floors are also able to deal with heavy traffic from both workers and vehicles. That’s why they’re an ideal choice for industrial environments. However, they also have many other decorative flooring applications in commercial and residential properties.

It’s essential to know the difference between epoxy flooring and an epoxy coating. It’s a simple distinction, but it’s good to know to avoid confusion. It goes like this:

  • Epoxy Coating: Below 2-millimeter thickness
  • Epoxy Flooring: Above 2-millimeter thickness

As you can see, it comes down to density. A flooring is above 2-millimeter thickness and can contain multiple layers of coating. At My Floor, we provide both epoxy flooring and epoxy coatings all throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.



We install many different types of epoxy flooring in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast that are suitable for all types of residential, commercial and industrial environments. All areas can benefit from our specially tailored epoxy flooring surfaces, from your home kitchen to retail stores and restaurants, to busy industrial warehouses.

Industrial Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring is designed to strengthen the concrete floor base so it can withstand constant traffic from heavy warehouse vehicles and equipment without cracking or buckling. Your average floor is not able to take the impact of heavy loads and severe abrasion without getting damaged over time, but our industrial heavy duty epoxy flooring can handle high traffic without showing any signs of damage.

Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring is made from a mixture of coarse additives that create an abrasive epoxy flooring surface to give you a better grip when you walk on it, and to reduce the risk of slipping, skidding or falling on wet or slippery surfaces. Ideal for environments that are exposed to a lot of liquid such as restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms and public pools, manufacturing warehouses, and mechanical workshops. Our slip resistant epoxy flooring Brisbane will make it safer to walk on and less of a potential liability.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring can be installed on both floors and walls to give superior protection from harsh chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis that can deteriorate the surface and its underlying materials, or seep into the ground and contaminate the water. Our chemical resistant epoxy flooring is designed for working environments that can be exposed to chemical or corrosion attack, such as chemical processing and manufacturing, food and beverage, and aviation.

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring will protect your room or building from static electricity and electrical charges, which can lead to fires and explosions if exposed to flammable materials such as some of the ingredients in gases and liquids. Our anti-static epoxy flooring is made with conductive materials that store static electricity to drain potential static discharge in the air. This is particularly important in static sensitive environments like chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and health facilities.

Anti-Microbial Epoxy Flooring has excellent anti-bacterial properties, made up of additives that fight contaminants and prevent bacteria and mould from growing. It will completely resist cleaning chemicals, abrasion, heavy traffic and extreme heat from boiling water, all of which can cause standard floor surfaces to crack and form entry points for bacteria. Our anti-microbial epoxy flooring is great for the health, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, as well as public restrooms, locker rooms and communal living spaces.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring will give you a unique and beautiful floor without compromising on strength or durability. Our decorative epoxy flooring system gives you the same solid epoxy base surface, coated with 2 layers of your desired colour and then sealed with a clear, high gloss top coat that will protect the finish and provide exceptional chemical resistant properties. You have your choice of colours and textures, as well as special effects such as marbling, swirls or droplets.

Polymer Epoxy Flooring works as a fantastic all-in-one sealer or coating that enhances, repairs and protects the flooring surface with a solid film that will resist moisture, chemicals, UV rays, heavy impact, and thermal shock. Our polymer epoxy flooring is created by combining several chemical components to form extra strong and compact polymer layers, which are ideal for manufacturing and industrial facilities that get a lot of high foot and vehicle traffic.

Waterproof Epoxy Flooring stops any liquids from leaking through the surface and leading to potential flooding. Even in the most humid environments our waterproof concrete coating will retain its moisture resistance with its high quality resins that won’t expand or distort when exposed to moisture. A great flooring solution to protect residential or office buildings from water damage.

UV Resistant Epoxy Flooring is designed to reduce the impact of UV rays on floor surfaces that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, such as open warehouses. UV rays and internal artificial lighting can cause your floor to fade and discolour, but our UV resistant epoxy coating will resist these effects as well as moisture, chemicals and extreme thermal changes.

Food Preparation Epoxy Flooring gives you a hygienic, durable floor surface that will resist food and liquid spills, chemicals, and heavy impact. It will prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, meeting all the Occupational Health and Safety requirements for the food and drink industry. Our food preparation epoxy coating floor is ideal for food and beverage facilities, commercial kitchens, bars and bakery kitchens.

Polyurethane Epoxy Flooring is a durable, heavy duty surface that resists harsh chemicals, heavy impact and fluctuating temperatures. Our polyurethane epoxy coating floor is perfect for any place where liquids, chemicals and bacteria are frequent, such as food and beverage processing facilities, chemical plants, manufacturing warehouses, textile plants and pharmaceutical facilities.

Low Odour Epoxy Flooring is designed for high performance industrial floors that produce strong odours during the installation and concrete curing stages, which can often be a health risk if the site needs to keep running during this period. Our low odour epoxy flooring is made from volatile organic compounds which have little to no natural odour, allowing you to minimise downtime and keep operating as you normally would.

Epoxy Flake Floor incorporates high quality epoxy coatings and water based systems with your choice of colours to create a smooth and attractive flecked surface. Durable, non-slip and water resistant, our epoxy flake floor is also sealed with a UV resistant top coat to prevent discolouration over its lifetime. Epoxy flake floors are popular for garages and driveways, external patios, walkways, schools, sporting venues and healthcare facilities.

Glow In The Dark Epoxy Flooring will give your floor a truly unique edge, perfect for artistic functions such as in entertainment venues and sporting facilities, or as a safety application on footpaths, steps and railings. Our phosphorescent, non-toxic glow in the dark epoxy flooring can be used as line markings on concrete or existing epoxy floors, glow in the dark epoxy comes in a variety of colour options. It works by absorbing light and then releasing it slowly, giving your floor a luminous glow for hours even in complete darkness.

Epoxy Line Marking can be installed in any colour with an optional non-slip finish. Our precision and attention to detail will ensure a smooth and effective design for anything you need, including zebra crossings, car parking lines, sports line markings and much more.

Joint Sealing is a vital part of keeping your floor protected from moisture leaking through cracks, and mould and insects getting through. Our silicone and polyurethane sealants come in various colours to match your floor, and are designed for use on internal and external concrete, areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture, commercial kitchens (or anywhere else food and beverage is prepared), fire rated joints, expansion joints and able flex joints. Joint sealing should be performed on a regular basis to keep your home, business or office free from bacteria and water build up.

Are you a shop owner in Brisbane or the Gold Coast looking for an exciting way to spruce up your floors? Then polished concrete from My Floor is the way to go. We’ve got a ton of smooth, glossy concrete options to choose from, so let’s take a more in-depth look at our offerings.


Mechanically Polished Concrete

For indoor flooring surfaces, mechanically polished concrete (MPC) is by far the best. It’s clean, durable, and very affordable in the long run. Of all our flooring options, it’s the easiest to maintain. That’s because it doesn’t require a topical coating that will wear down over time. Other options, such as grind and seal feature topical layers that need re-applied every 3-10 years. While MPC is more expensive to install, it makes up for it with its reduced low maintenance cost over a 10 year period. The ongoing concrete cleaning is all that you’ll have to pay every 1-3 years.

Here are the key benefits you’ll get out of Mechanical Polished Concrete:

  • Superior slip resistance Flooring.
    As long as it’s inside and the surface is dry, Mechanical polished concrete has excellent slip-resistant properties. In fact, it’s superior to waxed surfaces! This makes it ideal for homes with small children.
  • Flooring that improves health.
    Mechanical Polished Concrete is refined to the point where it won’t allow bacteria or toxic mold to grow. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you’ll love our polished floors!
  • Flooring that increases ambient light reflectivity.
    A mechanical polished concrete by My Floor will increase the natural ambient lighting in your space. This translates into lower electricity bills!
  • Flooring with Fantastic aesthetics.
    You’ll never see any fading, yellowing, or unattractive dirty grout lines. Also, you won’t have to go to the trouble of re-coating your floor!
  • Stain-resistant Flooring option.
    Water, oil, and other liquids won’t stand a chance at staining your Mechanically polished floor! That’s because our process uses penetrating concrete sealers. Nothing can get in for around 1-4 hours, giving you plenty of time for those accidental spills!
  • Flooring that’s Easy to maintain.
    All that you need to clean your floors is a dry microfiber mop followed by mopping with a Ph neutral detergent. Say goodbye to spending hours having to clean your floor meticulously!
  • Flooring with Versatility.
    There are several brand name Mechanical Polished Concrete options that we carry out at My Floor. These include the Hiperfloor polished concrete and Signature Floor polished concrete. Both have their own unique set of advantages. Hiperfloor can transform any surface into a brilliant work of art. Signature Floor consists of 10-15 steps that ensure a truly high-end finish.

Bear in mind, Mechanical polished floors are NOT recommended for outdoor areas. That’s because due to its high polished smooth surface, it can get slippery when excessively wet. Not only that, but liquids pooling on the surface for long periods of time can lead to wear and tear. If you’re after an indoor concrete polishing option in Brisbane or Gold Coast, Hone and Seal Polished Concrete is ideal!


Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

Grind and seal polished concrete is a great option for both indoor and outdoor concrete areas. The process involves grinding back the top layer of the concrete slab to show as little or as much stone as you want. Once we reach the perfect level of stone exposure, we switch to even finer concrete diamond grinder heads. These will remove any visible imperfections and will smooth the surface for the coating application. We can also grout the concrete to fill in any cracks and pinholes if you’d like a more refined surface.

Grind and seal polished concrete is an excellent option for outdoor concrete and internal areas susceptible to water and spills. Thanks to its top coating, which acts as a barrier to the surface it can withstand the harshest of outdoor environments. Not only that, but at My Floor, we take it a step further. We offer a UV-stable concrete coating finish that will stop your sealer from yellowing! That way, your polished concrete will stay looking sharp for years to come.

The main benefits of grind and seal systems include:

  • Lower initial cost flooring.
    Grind and seal polished concrete is actually the cheapest initial cost for installation. Bear in mind that the topical coating will show signs of wear, resulting in a re application every 3 to 10 years. This depends on how much traffic your concrete receives on a regular basis. Once the coating wears or scratches excessively, you’ll need to re-apply another top coat sealer. If you need a cost-effective concrete solution for the short-term, grind and seal is the best!
  • Bacteria resistant flooring.
    Grind and seal produces a non-porous surface. That means contaminants like bacteria and germs won’t have a chance to latch on! This makes it an ideal choice for homes and businesses that need to stay as clean as possible.
  • Slip-resistant flooring.
    Grind and seal concrete systems are resistant enough that they’re safe for outdoor use. This differs from MPC, which can get very slippery outdoors. With grind and sealed polished concrete, you can choose between a smooth surface or for areas requiring non slip, you can enhance its grip even further by adding beading or grit to your concrete coating.
  • Choice of Gloss Included.
    You can select from a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish based on your preference. In fact, the cost is the same for each! This makes grind and seal polished concrete systems an attractive option if you’d like a high-gloss finish to add no extra cost!
  • Tons of Applications.
    Grind and seal systems have a ton of uses in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They’re great for garages, outdoor patios, cafes, warehouses, and more! Their affordability makes them great options for adding flair to a property on a budget.
  • Low Maintenance Flooring.
    Besides having to re-apply the coating every few years, there’s little to no upkeep you need to do! Your floor will stay clean and bacteria-free with little to no effort on your part. What’s not to love about that?

In short, grind and seal polished concrete is a fantastic option for businesses, homes, and more. It’s cost-effective, works outside, and is a ton of fun to look at no matter where it is. Don’t wait to reach out to us at My Floor if you’d like a grind and seal polished concrete system installed! We’ve got the best Grind and Seal polished concrete Brisbane and Gold Coast has around, so don’t be shy.

Hone and Seal Polished Concrete

Does your home in Gold Coast have a driveway that sees a lot of traffic? Then honed concrete is an excellent option for you. Honed concrete is also perfect for pools, footpaths, and areas with heavy traffic. That’s due to its superior durability and impact-resistance as compared to other options. The main reason why it’s so strong is because of its finish.

You see, honed concrete is only available in a matte finish. You can’t get honed concrete in a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Honed concrete also has a penetrating sealer to help prevent stains. Hone and seal systems differ from grind and seal in that the sealer absorbs into the concrete rather then sits on the surface. In other words, there is no top coating! Instead, the sealer lies several layers deep into the honed concrete. As a result, honed concrete lasts for decades and will never scratch or wear away.

Essential benefits of hone and seal polished concrete systems include:

  • Superior durability.
    Honed concrete is by far the strongest and most resistant external concrete finish that we sell. Thanks to its inner sealing, it will not peal or scratch at all! It will also last decades on its own with no maintenance. That’s why it’s so perfect for outdoor areas with tons of foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Low maintenance.
    Since it’s so durable and resistant to weathering, you don’t have to do any major maintenance. It will stay in pristine condition for years and years to come! It’s also effortless to keep clean with a broom or microfiber mop. A high pressure clean is recommended when ever the floor shows signs of heavy dirt from foot traffic.
  • Stone exposure options.
    While you can’t select a finish, you can still control your stone exposure. Whether you want nil or full stone exposure, you can do it all with honed concrete!


Burnish Polished Concrete

Are you creating an industrial looking space on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane that you’d like to have totally smooth, even floors? Would you also want your floors to stay clean and easy to maintain? Then you’re going to love our burnish polished concrete. ‘Burnish’ simply means that there is absolutely no stone/aggregate showing. The process involves barely grinding back any of the concrete as not to show any stone. We mechanically polish the surface using specially made diamonds. Burnish is a smooth, refined look that’s great for garages, department stores, and more.

Advantages of burnished concrete systems include:

  • Clean, even look.
    Since there’s no aggregate, your floor will look buttery smooth. Providing a subtle clean, concrete look for an industrial style design
  • Durability.
    Burnished concrete is UV stable and can withstand heavy indoor traffic. It’s an excellent choice for airport hangers, factories, warehouses, high end industrial style homes and more.
  • Water-resistant surface.
    You won’t have to worry about liquids heavily staining your burnished concrete floor! That’s because when done correctly, burnished concrete is water-resistant. It’s also effortless to keep clean, and there’s little to no maintenance involved. It’s a great option if you’d like a smooth easy to clean floor

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what epoxy flooring is, where should you use it?

Epoxy flooring and concrete coatings are widely popular in residential homes, commercial business, and industrial environments. That’s because it’s easy to keep clean, is super durable, and looks great! You see, epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of colors, designs, shades, and effects. Experimenting with different styles is a pure art form. Its beauty is why epoxy flooring is popular in businesses and homes. After all, nothing looks better than a shiny, clean, colourful floor with a brilliant design!

Epoxy flooring is ideal for:

  •  Internal Residential Flooring
  • External Residential Flooring
  • School and University Flooring
  • Retail Flooring
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Flooring
  • Healthcare Flooring
  • Foor and Beverage Flooring
  • Mechanical Workshop Flooring
  • Chemical Processing Flooring
  • Brewery Flooring
  • Aged Care Flooring
  • Aviation Flooring
  • Garage Flooring

In short, an epoxy floor is excellent for any surface that you’d like to look great, stay clean, and never age. Epoxy is a fantastic way to extend the life of your concrete surfaces. That’s because the hard and resinous film effectively preserves the floor underneath. No oils, residues, moisture, or fluids will be able to get through!

Do you run a cafe or a small store? Then a stylish epoxy-coated floor will do wonders for attracting new customers! It can also breathe fresh new life into your space. Its reflectiveness also adds a sense of elegance to your surfaces. From one glance, your customers will know your business is clean and professional.

Interior designers and architects also love our epoxy coatings and flooring. That’s because they’re such a great tool to have to give their clients more options. A colorful epoxy coating is a great way to get your creative juices flowing! Whether you’re a builder or a homeowner, there are tons of applications for epoxy coatings. If you’re looking for the best epoxy flooring services Brisbane has, then you need to use us at My Floor!

At My Floor, we’ve been in the polished concrete and epoxy flooring business for 14 years. During that time, we’ve built an impeccable reputation for being the best in Australia at what we do. In fact, we’re rated 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Google from almost 100 clients in Brisbane and Gold Coast. That’s because we don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. We also have a ton of staff, which allows us to tackle any large-scale project on short notice.

Not only are our epoxy coatings superior to competitors, but we offer the widest variety. Our epoxy is chemically safe, incredibly resilient, and very cost-effective. When you use us, our team will work based on your individual needs. We’ll do an in-depth analysis to determine the perfect coating for your business or home.

My Floor offers:

  •  Free quotes within 48 hours
  • Extraordinary customer service and support
  • Individualized service for every client
  • Knowledgeable staff with tons of experience
  • Partnerships with the most trusted and reputable epoxy suppliers in the world
  • Epoxy that’s toxic-free and bacteria resistant
  • Speedy service and affordable prices
  • Much more!

If you’re looking for the absolute best epoxy coatings Gold Coast or Brisbane has to offer, My Floor is the way to go! Don’t wait to reach out to us today for a free quote by calling 1300 693 566.

All right, now let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of epoxy flooring. That way, you can get a realistic feel for what epoxy can or can’t do for you. After all, the more you know about epoxy, the better choice you can make when selecting a coating option. Luckily, epoxy is versatile enough that certain types of coatings can offset the cons of others. For example, if a specific shade of epoxy is too distracting, you can always select a shade with a softer colour. Let’s look at the biggest pros and cons for epoxy coatings.

Pro: Epoxy Floors are Highly Economical

Epoxy is unique in that it can adhere to existing concrete surfaces. This negates the need to install a brand-new flooring system. As a result, epoxy flooring is very cost-effective. It also has a low price per square meter in comparison to other floor coverings. Not only that, but the longevity of epoxy is another huge money saver. It makes sense if you think about it! While the initial cost may be higher than some alternatives, its long life more than makes up for it down the road.

Replacing epoxy is also quite cost-effective. That’s because the underlying floor surface doesn’t need replacing or repairing. If you recall, epoxy coating perfectly preserves the surface underneath. That means all you have to do is apply a new epoxy coating, and that’s it! Epoxy is a great way to save both time and money.

Pro: Epoxy Coatings are Incredible Damage Resistance

This is a big reason why epoxy is so prevalent in factories and warehouses. Epoxy is an extremely thick and durable film. As a result, it can endure a ton of punishment without cracking or disintegrating. Foot traffic, drops, spills, vehicles, and more won’t be able to make so much as a dent.

Epoxy is also heat and moisture resistant. This makes it perfect for high-demand workplaces with a lot of hazards. It’s great for auto shops, factories, laboratories, medical facilities, and others. Certain types of epoxy coatings are also bacteria resistant. These are easy to sanitize and are great for the food and beverage industry.

Pro: Epoxy Coatings have a Very Long Life

The longevity of epoxy is one of its most significant selling points. Are you a factory manager in Gold Coast or Brisbane? Then you’re going to love epoxy flooring! It’s cost-effective and will last forever. You probably don’t have a lot of time to worry about your floor during your day. With epoxy, once it’s installed, your hassles are over. It will last for years and years while staying clean and never cracking.

Pro: Epoxy Coatings are Highly Customizable

You can do just about whatever you want with an epoxy coating. It comes in a variety of colours, textures, shades, and designs. Also, effects like logos, patterns, flakes, and more can add extra nuance to your surfaces. That’s why interior designers and architects go crazy for epoxy. Not only does it fuel creativity, but it’s easy to achieve the precise look that you want. With epoxy, you can bring your exact inner vision to life!

Con: Things Can Get Slippery

Due to its smooth surface and shiny texture, epoxy can become slippery when wet. This is especially true if there’s an oil spill. Having said that, it’s quite easy and affordable to add skid-resistance to your floors. This will ensure that your epoxy flooring is anti-slip and won’t get slippery no matter what. Without anti slip epoxy flooring, water and spills on a concrete floor can be a hazard.

Con: Moist Environments Can Be Tough

If you’re trying to apply an epoxy coating to a moist basement or other wet areas, you may encounter problems. That’s because the epoxy will have a tough time adhering to a damp surface. Ideally, your floor should be spotless and dry before applying the epoxy. Luckily, we have many workarounds for this at My Floor! That’s why it’s crucial to use us if you’re after the best epoxy coating company Gold Coast and Brisbane have available.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. There isn’t a downside that you can’t mitigate through some method or another. That’s why epoxy coatings are so popular in the first place. They offer a ton of great benefits with little to no issues! When you use My Floor to install and maintain your epoxy flooring, you won’t have any problems at all. Don’t wait to try us out today!

Epoxy resins are the result of a chemical reaction known as curing. This is a process that involves binding chemicals together with epoxides. These epoxides are curing agents or hardeners. The hardening occurs through polymer chains that cross-link together. Thus, epoxy forms as a polymer of epoxides, hence the name ‘epoxy.’

To cure resin into epoxy, you need very high temperatures. That means that epoxy is a thermosetting substance. That means that if the temperature isn’t hot enough, the curing process won’t happen. Also, once the epoxy has cured, there’s no going back.

At My Floor, we create epoxy flooring through layers of epoxy coating. As we’ve stated in the past, to be epoxy flooring, it must have a density of 2 millimeters or more significant. Anything less is only an epoxy coating. To make the coating, we mix polyamine hardener with epoxy resin. From there, it’s up to us to judge how many layers we apply based on the project. Our team has mastered the complex chemistry involved in creating epoxy coatings! That’s why we have so many styles of epoxy flooring. You’ll love our great selection of specialized concrete coatings! We also provide far superior products than that of our competitors. We’re your #1 choice for epoxy coatings and flooring in Brisbane and Gold Coast!

Not only is epoxy flooring beautiful and durable, but it’s also incredibly clean. There are many health benefits that you can enjoy from using epoxy coated floors. Let’s take a look at the top benefits you’ll experience from applying epoxy flooring.

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Epoxy resin is 100% safe for all types of floors. Its chemical composition is non-toxic, and it does not harm the environment. Not only that, but epoxy flooring is chemically resistant! That means you don’t have to worry about your floors becoming contaminated after a spill. You can rest easy knowing that all your employees will stay safe at your factory or warehouse. This is especially important if your work involves the handling of hazardous chemicals.
  • Very easy to keep clean. Dirt, grime, and dust will never accumulate on epoxy coatings. As a result, your air quality will improve drastically. This will lead to fewer infections and allergy outbreaks. Epoxy flooring is crucial for operations that involve heavy foot traffic and abrasion. That way, you don’t have to keep cleaning the floor to keep your employees safe!
  • Anti-microbial properties. Our epoxy coating has fantastic anti-bacterial capabilities. That’s because it features special additives that fight contaminants. They also stop mould from growing. When a floor cracks, it becomes a hotbed for bacteria and mold. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, our epoxy flooring is perfect for hospitals and the food preparation industry!

As you can see, there are many health benefits of using epoxy flooring in your business or home. Be sure to reach out to us to apply an epoxy coating to your public restrooms and kitchens! Your customers will appreciate your efforts to stay clean and keep them safe.

Installing an epoxy coating is an involved and exciting process. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive, so we recommend that you use professionals like us. At My Floor, we go to rigorous efforts to ensure we nail the installation process every time. Let’s take a detailed look at what it entails! Below is the general process of installing epoxy flooring, however every concrete floor is different, meaning not all floors will require the exact same process. For a more customized approach, please contact our office to discuss your project in more detail.

Step #1: Repairing the Original Surface

The first step is to prepare the floor that will support the coating. It could be concrete new concrete or old. Before we get started, we smooth out any imperfections on the floor or wall by repairing all minor and major cracks, stains, and gouges. If these holes are not filled correctly, they will show through on the final coating application. That’s why we want to make sure the floor is immaculate before starting!

Step #2: The Profiling Process

Now it’s time to grind it down! Concrete grinding involves using a diamond grinder to peel back a layer of the surface. This opens the pores of the floor that allows the epoxy resin to soak into the surface. This ensures a powerful bond that will settle in with no issues. Remember, epoxy has a hard time settling if the underlying surface is moist. We always make sure that the floor is arid before we get started.

Step #3: Inspecting and Applying Primer

After we use our diamond concrete grinder to prepare the entire surface, we do a detailed inspection. That involves a quick cleaning and a final moisture check. From there, we apply a thin coat of epoxy primer. This will increase the strength of the bond formed between the epoxy and the floor. Now it’s time for the final step!

Step #4: Applying the Epoxy Coating

When the primer dries, it’s time to mix up the epoxy resin. We combine the hardener and the resin in large buckets. That way, by the time the primer is dry, we can quickly start the installation process. There’s a strict time limit on how long epoxy coating is good for, so we have to hustle. That’s why we feature a large team so that we can apply the coating as soon as possible. We can utilize several layers of concrete epoxy coatings to form the are more durable epoxy flooring. After a few coats, we apply any flakes, logos, or effects to the flooring. The floor usually takes around 12-24 hours to dry. Once 72 hours have passed, the surface is ready to go! If you require a more rapid drying epoxy floor, we are able to install coatings that have quicker curing times for those fast return to service areas.

So you’ve got a brand-new epoxy floor, and you want to make sure you take good care of it. Here are some essential tips to keep your epoxy floors in great shape!

  • Don’t use soap-based cleaners. These will leave an unattractive haze on epoxy floors that will build up over time. Warm water, a Ph neutral detergent and a scrubbing brush or a mop are all you need to clean your floors!
  • Spot Clean. Since dirt and grime won’t embed in the floor, it’s important to sweep them up as they appear. Clean up any spills immediately after they occur to keep your floors looking great.
  • Use a Hard Foam Mop. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your floors, take the following steps. Move all items out of the way, sweep and vacuum, and then mop with warm water. Your epoxy floors will shine like the heavens!


In short, epoxy floors are a fantastic choice for any home, business, or factory. If you’re looking for the best epoxy coatings Brisbane and Gold Coast have available; you need to use us at My Floor! Don’t wait to call us today at 1300 693 566 for a free quote!

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Caring For Your Epoxy Floor

So you’ve got a brand-new epoxy floor, and you want to make sure you take good care of it. Here are some essential tips to keep your epoxy floors in great shape!

These will leave an unattractive haze on epoxy floors that will build up over time. Warm water, a Ph neutral detergent and a scrubbing brush or a mop are all you need to clean your floors!

Since dirt and grime won’t embed in the floor, it’s important to sweep them up as they appear. Clean up any spills immediately after they occur to keep your floors looking great.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your floors, take the following steps. Move all items out of the way, sweep and vacuum, and then mop with warm water. Your epoxy floors will shine like the heavens!


Yes, in most cases, however it really depends on the condition of the substrate. Most instances we will need to remove any existing floor coverings, including any glue or residue. This will prepare the underlying concrete to ensure longevity for the application of the epoxy coating.

To ensure the epoxy bonds to the concrete, we need to provide a mechanical key (either grinding, scabbling or shot blasting).  Some companies will tell you this isn’t necessary, although unless a mechanical key is carried out, the floor coating will not last as long as expected due to the coating delaminating from the substrate.

Every concrete coating is different. Generally, between 1 – 7 days to allow to cure. We recommend at least 24 hours curing time before light foot traffic can go on the floor. Any vehicle traffic must stay off the coating for at least 7 days after installation.

Depending on the product used, how many coats have been applied and the amount of foot/vehicle traffic the floor is subject to, generally between 3 – 10 years for residential applications, and 1 – 10 years for commercial applications. A regular maintenance procedure will need to be put in place to ensure the longevity of the surface.

Usually a neutral PH cleaner is all that is required – depending on the product used and the application requirements (whether the area is commercial or residential). Some epoxies can withstand high alkaline degreasers and bleaching chemicals. If you are unsure, please always check with us to confirm if the cleaning product is safe to use.

Most epoxies are not UV stable, so yes there will be some discolouration from sun light. If the floor is subject to UV, we are able to install a UV stable clear polyurethane coating over the epoxy which acts like sunscreen, protecting the epoxy coating.

A 12 month limited workmanship warranty is provided against the coating peeling off the substrate and material defects. No warranty is given on cracking, scratching or damage.

Generally, epoxy coatings can be slipper when there is water on the surface. If we are installing the epoxy in a area subject to water, oil or chemical spills, we always recommend installing the epoxy with a non slip additive to increase the slip rating of the coating.

For a residential garage floor, we recommend an epoxy flake floor which has a UV stable polyurethane top coat to protect against any sunlight. We also recommend using a 100% solids epoxy coating which can withstand vehicle traffic. A non slip additive can be added to the surface to help maintain a safe floor.

Depending on the type of epoxy, the condition of the existing substrate, the size of the floor area, prices can range between $20 per square meter through to $250 per square meter. For accurate pricing, please call our office to discuss your project in more detail.

Top 10 reasons to choose My Floor

Floor solutions are delicate processes that take professionals to do correctly. That’s why you need to hire our team at My Floor. We’re by far the most experienced and reputable floor solution company in Queensland. You’ll be in great hands when you choose us, and there are many reasons why. Here are the top factors why we’re the best concrete polishing company out there today:

14 years in the business

My Floor is here for the long-term. We got started in 2009, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we continue to grow and expand each year that we’ve been in business. Our longevity is due to our expertise and excellent service. We have superior product knowledge, and we’ve even crafted our own signature flooring solutions. Our team members have also mastered the art of problem-solving on the fly. As a result, we’re able to handle any issue that we encounter with total ease.

Small enough to care, large enough to deliver

We have a total of 8 team members at our company. To us, it’s the perfect sweet spot for us and our customers. We’re small enough to give a very personal touch while large enough to tackle giant projects. Our team can handle tasks that range in size from 20m2 to 20000m2. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial services, all with equal quality and dedication.

Stellar Google reviews

All it takes is one quick internet search to realize how great of a reputation we have. Currently, My Floor boasts almost 100 reviews with a 4.8 average score. All our reviews are candid and totally authentic. We believe our reviews speak for themselves, so don’t be shy about checking them out!

We add value with no complications

Whether our flooring solutions are for your business or home, we add serious value to our clients. Our polished concrete will save you money on electricity and energy, as well as add value to your home. For industrial environments, our no-slip coatings will keep your employees safe and protected. We’re in the business of adding value without complicating matters. The same can’t be said for our competitors!

QBCC Licensed

Most of the companies that you’ll find in Queensland are not certified. At My Floor, we boast our QBCC license, which allows us to carry out concrete coatings and polishing. It’s another mark of our professionalism and expertise.

Ongoing support for our clients

Our services don’t end when we finish with your flooring solution. We’ll educate you on adequately maintaining your floor, and we can perform minor repairs and fixes for you. We value you as our client, and it’s our goal to secure your long-term business. That’s why we won’t hesitate to go above and beyond for you.

Professional team support

We boast incredible attention to detail in our services. We also keep an open line of communication with our team and clients. You’ll always be able to get a hold of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Quality control

We have rigorous measures in place to ensure our quality stays the same every time. Our project managers mean business, and they check up on all our job sites. They’ll also keep in touch with you to ensure your satisfaction during the entire process.

Pre-installation meeting

We’ll consult with you in great detail on what you want out of your flooring solutions. That way, you’ll have complete control over how your flooring installation goes.

Specialists will provide you with extra knowledge

We’ve been in business for 14 years, and we’ve accrued tons of knowledge during that time. Educating our clients is also a big part of what we do, so don’t be shy about asking questions!

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