Concrete Grinding Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a way to prepare the concrete surface for further maintenance or adjustment by removing the topmost layer of the concrete material. This is done with the help of a concrete grinding machine equipped with diamond tipped blades, which My Floor uses for concrete grinding Brisbane and Gold Coast wide.

These blades scratch away the damaged or otherwise undesirable layer of the concrete floor, thus making it ready for further work. This is the most common method of grinding concrete. When done by a professional, concrete grinding causes minimal damage to the floor as a whole.

The reason why concrete floor is ground may differ from one occasion to another, but generally speaking it involves removing the top layer of the concrete; either because contaminants have seeped into it, or because it is causing other sorts of problems, such as being jagged or uneven.

Whatever the case might be, concrete grinding is performed to ensure the concrete floor serves its purpose reliably and can be safely used as a basis for doing other work, such as installing carpets or vinyl.

Concrete grinding across Brisbane has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings as a mere removal of the topmost layer of the concrete floor. Today, it can be used with various epoxy coatings, concrete sealers and compatible self-levelling compounds.

This versatility makes concrete grinding appropriate for a vast variety of uses and also makes it the most efficient solution for all concrete floor adjustments and repairs. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can handle all types of concrete grinding tasks on Gold Coast and Brisbane with ultimate efficiency, causing you minimum expense and downtime.

We achieve our results by using only the best possible concrete grinding tools and products. We are dedicated to giving you the highest quality work, which can only be achieved through careful and efficient application of our experience and methods of concrete grinding on Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Upon successful completion of the concrete grinding project, our clients are left with an immense feeling of satisfaction and ease, as we minimise the downtime and maximise the output.

Don’t take chances with amateur concrete grinding individuals who promise work done at a fraction of the cost. Hire only the concrete grinding Brisbane and Gold Coast professionals, hire My Floor.

Our Concrete Grinding Equipment

Our wide assortment of machines allows us to comfortably cover concrete areas of all sizes, from living rooms to car parks. The latest advancements in concrete grinding technology allow us to make our work even quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

The end result is minimal disruption of the daily routine and absolute satisfaction of our clients. This also saves time and money, both of which are always in short supply. My Floor understands your needs and can respond to them on the spot.

Why Use Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding has multiple benefits for the surface. It creates a surface that is free of various contaminants and thus perfectly suitable for coatings, such as an epoxy-based coating.

Otherwise, attempting to install an epoxy coating on a concrete floor surface contaminated with oils, dirt or acidic substances will prove to be disastrous in the long run, as the floor structure is endangered.

Thus concrete grinding becomes an essential way of treating concrete before any other product is applied.

The Concrete Grinding Process

Once the concrete floor is ground, it is ready for application of concrete finishing products that will give it a decorative and highly glossy look and feel.

This concrete grinding treatment transforms even the dullest concrete floor into a luxurious surface that attracts the gaze and is extremely easy to clean. Further, a concrete floor treated in such a way does not absorb liquids neither it stains easily. This increases the longevity of the concrete floor by orders of magnitude compared to leaving it untreated.

Concrete grinding is by far the most common method of concrete preparation, and with a good reason.

Concrete grinding levels and smoothens the top layer of concrete in a way no other method can achieve with such accuracy or efficiency. Making the concrete smooth is the crucial step that determines whether subsequent coatings will successfully stick to the concrete floor.

In all cases, it is advisable that you are well informed about the concrete grinding so you can immediately spot an amateur and refuse to have your concrete floor compromised by inadequate work.

While there are specialized methods of cleaning concrete that preserve the top layer of the floor, there are cases where the contaminants have seeped into the material and settled in it to the point of permanently fusing with the concrete. This is most common occurrence when oils or grease are spilled on concrete.

In such cases, no amount of surface cleaning will help and only concrete grinding will permanently fix the problem. The subsequent application of an epoxy layer will then shield the concrete material from any further mishaps and make sure your floor is lasting and durable with minimal expense.

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If you have any questions about the methods, tools and products we use, feel free to contact us for concrete grinding Brisbane and concrete grinding Gold Coast. We currently service the areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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