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OmniCrete Stone Flooring Brisbane

OmniCrete is a comprehensive and lasting flooring solution for the toughest and most demanding traffic areas. OmniCrete is a high-performance surface that is engineered to meet the high-performance standards for waterproofing and high-friction use. OmniCrete can be finished in a range of colours and textures that can suit the needs of carparks, highways, and general industrial use.

OmniCrete is available in a range of finishes and compositions, from a 100%-recycled and synthetically processed aggregate that’s engineered to be skid-resistant and long-lasting through to bauxite aggregates and resins. You can tailor your application of OmniCrete to ensure that your exacting specifications are met.

My Floor is an approved applicator for OmniCrete stone flooring in Brisbane and Queensland, so you can trust our ability and expertise for this special flooring solution.

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SureStone is the ultimate inside-out flooring surface. It’s composed of natural stone that’s encased in a high-quality resin, creating a seamless, hard wearing, and long-lasting stone flooring solution that’s suited for Australian open plan living. Boasting the latest resin technology, SureStone is an environment-friendly material that can enhance the aesthetics and function of your stone surfaces in domestic and commercial environments.

SureStone is suitable for both internal and external applications over most existing flooring surfaces. It is also available in a range of natural and designer colours that bring out the best natural qualities of stone.

OmniGrip Deco

Providing a unique, interesting and exciting resin-bonded aggregate surfacing for landscape and streetscape enhancements, OMNIGRIP Deco may be finished in a diverse range of natural or synthetic colour effects & textures. OmniGrip Deco suits both the subtlety of natural architectural design and bold eye-catching kaleidoscope colour finishes, covering the entire spectrum of landscape architecture.

  • Sidewalk & Alfresco Dining
  • Streetscape Redevelopments
  • Shopping Centre Precincts
  • Residential Development Schemes
  • Driveways
  • Car Parks
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes
  • Highly Durable
  • Suitable to overlay Concrete & Asphalt
  • Low Maintenance
  • Skid-Resistant


OMNIGLAZE is a versatile surface that’s designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of existing pavement surfaces. It is suitable for a variety of applications, making it an extremely versatile flooring solution. OMNIGLAZE is also available in a range of decorative finishes.

  • Natural hues or bright safety tones
  • Slip-resistant properties
  • Uniform texture & colour
  • Suitable for Asphalt & Concrete

OMNIGLAZE is a cost-effective surfacing system designed to provide a decorative and complementary surface finish to a range of existing pavements. Available in a variety of colours, OMNIGLAZE suits the subtlety of natural architectural design and heritage areas as well as the rich, eye-catching colour finishes required on sporting surfaces and safety delineation areas.


Forming part of the SureStone range of surfacing systems, Pebblite porous paving is a hand-applied resin system that combines the latest resin technology with specialist natural & coloured aggregates to provide an environmentally friendly porous, decorative, trafficable surface for the aesthetic enhancement of landscape environments.

  • Driveways
  • Stairways
  • Tree Pits
  • Garden Beds & Planters
  • Roof Top Gardens
  • Displays
  • Pathways
  • Decorative Landscape Paving
  • Natural & Coloured Hues
  • Attractive, Slip Resistant Finish
  • Durable Hard-Wearing Surface
  • Porous Finish
  • UV Stable
  • No Maintenance

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