Honed Concrete Floor Vs Polished Aggregate Concrete

| February 4, 2022 Concrete - Architecture

When comparing the two, it’s important to choose the right one for your home. This article will explain both the pros and cons of each. The honed concrete finish is a better choice for those with children and pets. It’s slip resistant and comfortable to walk on, which makes it an excellent choice for households with young children. It’s also highly water resistant, which is beneficial for areas where the weather can be quite wet. But you should know that it can also be costly to repair, and the final finish may not be as glossy as you prefer.

If you’re looking for a beautiful floor for your home, you should choose the honed concrete finish. These floors can last for years without chipping or cracking. The process of honed concrete is similar to that of polished aggregate, but the difference is more evident in the finished surface. The difference between the two is the amount of sheen, as well as whether the aggregate is sharp or rounded. about this

Both finishes are durable. You can walk on a honed concrete floor while it’s being ground. There’s no need for any cure time for polished concrete. Once it’s dry, you can walk on it. It usually takes about two to three days to prepare the site before the installation can start. For commercial spaces, the exposed aggregate option is a popular choice for outdoor and pathways. The textured surface makes for a safer and more attractive surface, and the varying color combinations make this an excellent choice.

Another feature of honed concrete is its sheen. Its sheen depends on the sealer that you choose, and it can range from matt to satin to gloss. The polishing process is also easy, and you can use a variety of colours. And if you’re worried about the appearance of honed concrete, it’s a good idea to choose an alternative that’s low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

The finish of a honed concrete floor depends on the sealer chosen. The honed concrete floor can be shiny or matte, and its sheen depends on the sealer it’s coated with. Compared to polished aggregate flooring, the former is more durable and has a matte finish. The honed concrete floor will require less maintenance over time. It’s not slippery, but it can be very hard.

The benefits of honed concrete are obvious: it’s more durable than polished aggregate, and it’s more resistant to foot traffic. It is also easier to maintain than polished concrete, which is a plus for commercial spaces. The downside of honed concrete is that it’s more expensive to install, but it’s also the most durable type for homes. If you’re looking for an affordable floor, honed concrete is the best choice. additional reading

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