Polished Concrete Overlays

| October 30, 2021 Polished Concrete - Floor

Polished Concrete Toppings and Overlays

Polished overlay is used for fixing damaged or old flooring to make it look more sleek and modern. Existing concrete may have vast flaws including spalled areas, carpet tack holes, cracks, stains, pitted, not level or just in general, extensive patchwork. Getting overlay will give it a smooth finish. Decorative concrete overlay isn’t as restricted when it comes to the application of topical colours like polished concrete. Polished overlays are also more economical and that is the main reason companies are getting it done. Some want a terrazzo-like look which can be accomplished by seeding the concrete overlay mix with coloured aggregate, followed by carrying our a diamond polished finish to acheive a custom unique floor. Having a polished overlay will cover any underlying slab imperfections and will look completely different and modern when completed. Choosing polished overlay is a quicker process than replacing or patching existing concrete and is moisture resistant, economical and environmentally friendly. It is a good way to be able match any desired colour with the offer of low-maintenance. The process of overlaying is a time-consuming one and requires attention and coordination skills to get the best results. The rest of the procedure is generally straight forward and will leave concrete looking great. Visit the contact us page to organise free samples with an onsite evaluation on your next project