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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning can be quite a challenge if you don’t have access to professional tools and know-how to use them properly. This is why My Floor is here to help you choose the best concrete cleaning option for your situation and remove the most obstinate stains.

Whether the cause of concrete staining is mould or dirt, with our help, it will all come right out. When your concrete flooring ends up looking pristine, we know we’ve done a good job.

Our Approach

To respond to every concrete cleaning challenge from our clients, we employ a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, our technicians are highly experienced and fully licenced and are thus able to handle any unexpected situations as they arise.

Secondly, we use top of the line mechanical tools and attachments that help our staff work efficiently, quickly and within the designated budget. The end result of our strategy is always a smile on your face reflecting in your now brilliantly clean concrete flooring.

The reason why we strive to achieve maximum efficiency in concrete cleaning is because we understand that downtime negatively affects your daily home and business routines.

By optimizing our cleaning tools, staff and routines, we accomplish superb performance within the allocated budget and time limit. Our maintenance programs can be arranged at a date and time when your concrete flooring is not occupied and we can perform our cleaning with minimal disturbance.

My Floor can always fit into your schedule.

Floor Hygiene

Floor hygiene is an important part of our daily lives for many reasons. Not only does a clean concrete floor look amazing and boosts the morale of occupants, but it also correlates positively with health and work safety.

All health and safety compliance must necessarily include a clean and smooth concrete floor. We achieve this highest standard of safety by thoroughly removing all residue that accumulates on the concrete flooring over time. This includes dirt, liquid spills that are potential slip hazards and much more.

Concrete Cleaning and Maintenance

Especially when it comes to newly installed concrete flooring, it is necessary that its maintenance starts from day one and is ongoing. Only then will you avoid shortening the lifespan of your concrete floor with the optimum level of action.

Sealing the underlying concrete flooring layer means having it thoroughly cleaned before applying the correct sealant product with a specialized machine. Otherwise, there is a danger of the concrete flooring delaminating, meaning it splits into several layers and cracks.

Concrete floor cleaning is a seemingly trivial maintenance action, but it has long-term consequences for both your budget and safety. Without the regular removal of soil and dirt deposits, the concrete flooring gradually becomes stained and increasingly unsafe.

We generally tend to not notice these subtle changes in the concrete flooring as they happen, but once they become apparent it’s already too late. This is why we thoroughly clean your concrete flooring, which prepares it in the best possible way for the subsequent application of the sealant.

How do we Clean Your Concrete?

We employ several different methods to fully clean your concrete flooring.

High or low pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, water blasting, ride on scrubber, chemical cleaning and environmental cleaning each have a different application, depending on where and when they are used. Each of these methods also has a different level of forcefulness that can be used to remove even the most stubborn of stains and keep them out of your concrete flooring.

Our highly experienced staff can make the best use out of these methods to bring you perfectly clean concrete flooring.

Where do we Clean?

We can use concrete flooring cleaning methods at different locations, such as museums, shopping precincts, factories and workshops, hospitals, exterior walls, airports, schools and universities, public walkways, car parks and much more. Each location comes with its own set of demands and expectations, which we will do our best to meet.

By employing the advanced methods of planning, we can maximize the cleaning while minimizing time and money spent. Our years of experience in handling various concrete flooring tasks will certainly help us leave your floor sparkly clean and sterile.

Contact My Floor Today!

Our team of technicians is standing by at all times, ready to help your concrete flooring achieve its full shine at an affordable price. Give us a call and we will discuss scheduling our maintenance routines, pricing and other conditions of work.

We can proudly say that My Floor is the most flexible concrete cleaning company in the country. We’ve earned our good reputation with excellent customer satisfaction, prompt and reliable service and dedication that is unmatched by any other company in this industry.

At this point, we provide our concrete cleaning services to the areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane. The reason why we can’t respond elsewhere is due to logistical difficulties we would otherwise have with the challenges of moving the equipment and personnel.

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