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Concrete Curing

Though concrete comprises all structures that surround us, it is a surprisingly delicate material until it is poured and cured. During the concrete creation process, there are many different factors that come into play and determine its final characteristics. These factors affect the strength and durability of the concrete in various ways, but definitely the most important factor is the degree to which it is cured.

The curing process is largely dependent on the temperature and the moisture levels in the surrounding atmosphere, but the curing service we perform simply involves managing the excess moisture in the concrete in order to increase its longevity and durability. Even when it’s once cured, the concrete surface may absorb additional moisture, either via precipitation or accidental spillages. This will necessitate additional curing, unless a proper protection method is being used.

Why Use Concrete Curing?

Concrete curing will generally happen on its own as long as the weather conditions don’t impede this process. However, in certain situations, the concrete substrate will not cure properly, resulting in a dusty, soft, crumbly surface that marks easily. Improper curing process is also the chief cause of cracks and other structural failures that appear in the concrete flooring.

This causes sustainability problems, as the next generation of users of that same surface may experience shortened service life due to fatigue, structural loading, chemical attack and abrasion.

Each concrete surface has its own, slightly different curing standards, which need to be assessed by a professional before any curing commences. Attempting to cure a concrete surface by yourself will most likely result in a waste of time, money and effort. In the best case scenario, your energy will simply be wasted; in the worst, you will actively contribute to the decay and deterioration of the concrete you aimed to protect.

The Concrete Curing Process

Maximising utility gained by properly curing concrete means less maintenance and material used, which can instead be replaced with protective products. This also includes overall less cement spent, contributing greatly to a lighter carbon footprint.

The ultimate result of concrete curing is that the surface has lower permeability and greater strength, resulting in a net durability increase over time. By curing concrete, cracks are much less likely to appear and are far easier to manage if they do occur. However, each concrete surface has its own curing requirements, which requires careful consideration so that the surface isn’t irreparably damaged by the incorrect application of products and methods.

With the help of our fully licenced and experienced technicians, we are able to provide your concrete surfaces with proper and thorough curing treatments that reduce their permeability and make them resistant to staining. Minimising the loss of water as the concrete substrate is curing will achieve the maximum protection against cracks.

This also provides a highly compact surface that can resist the formation of stains and simultaneously prevent water ingress.

The highly efficient products and methods of curing we use also ensure that no corrosive chemicals will be able to attack and weaken the reinforcing steel embedded in the concrete, if any such is present. Using smart, practical and suitable curing methods results in the finished product having much stronger structural integrity. 

Concrete Curing Method

The most common method for concrete curing involves application of the concrete curing compound, one gallon of which can cover 200 square feet of standard thickness concrete. Applied right after any residual moisture has been removed, this curing compound quickly sets and provides a protective film on top of the concrete surface, which resists moisture absorption and penetration.

Why Choose My Floor?

My Floor can service all industrial and commercial concrete flooring surfaces, including those found in airports, garages, car parks, schools, driveways, shopping precincts, hospitals and external pathways.

We perform professional, efficient and courteous service for all clients, which is why we have the undisputed reputation of being the best. For a full list of all our services, including pricing, feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss all your queries with you. 

We have seen all situations and can thus respond and react to every changing circumstance as it arises. Feel free to give us a call and we will send over a team of technicians who will discuss the most appropriate methods, products and timeframes.

By aiming at the most professional concrete curing solution right from the start, you are creating the best possible outcome with regards to its durability, strength and low maintenance.

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