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Commercial Polished Concrete Brisbane & Gold Coast

Concrete floors have been with us for a long time, but the majority of that time only in the plainest form possible. While concrete is sturdy and quite reliable on its own, it is inevitable that surrounding factors, such as shock, moisture and acidity of the atmosphere will eventually start to compromise its integrity.

Thus, quickly after the adoption of concrete floors, a need arose to have them shielded from the harmful influences in order to increase their longevity.

Technology advancements have allowed us to extract more value out of concrete floors by understanding how it is damaged on a molecular level, but only relatively recently did we start using various solutions that utilise this knowledge by enhancing the concrete floor surfaces.

One such solution is commercial polished concrete Brisbane wide.


In environments where there is heavy daily traffic, all vinyls, carpets and tiles tend to fall apart after less than a year. While that does mean they are performing their function and are protecting the concrete substrate from damage, having to regularly replace destroyed carpets, vinyls and tiles can be a veritable nightmare for every business owner.

It’s not just a financial expense, but a drain on energy and patience of the owner. This is why commercial polished concrete was invented.

Initially intended as a refinement of already existing concrete floors, polished concrete floors Brisbane wide quickly experienced adoption in business and residential units of all sizes and purposes due to plethora of its benefits over the normal concrete floor.


Polished concrete floors have vastly superior strength when compared to the untreated concrete floor.

The principle behind it is fairly simple and relies on the fact that there are microscopic pores in the surface of the concrete. These pores will eventually accumulate dirt, oils and other substances that are almost impossible to remove by cleaning.

Once these deposits are formed, they will start to compromise the structure of the concrete and lead to the penetration of moisture into the substrate. As moisture evaporates from the concrete due to slight temperature changes in the environment, it starts to show dimples which quickly turn into cracks. And thus, the concrete is destroyed.

This process is imperceptible and happens over a long period of time, which makes it even more shocking once you realize your concrete floor is suddenly ruined. By smoothening out these pores, we essentially seal all routes that dirt and other contaminants can take, thus shielding the concrete from damage via corrosion.

Polished concrete floors Brisbane wide are created by using the substrate that’s already in place as a treated floor surface, which is cheaper in the long run due to durability gain. Once treated, the concrete surface will be without dust, resistant to stains, abrasion and impact and ready for foot or vehicular traffic such as forklifts immediately after the treatment is completed.

This makes a polished concrete floor perfect for warehousing, retail and distribution projects which require rapid turnaround time and minimal disruption.


Maintenance on commercial polished concrete in Brisbane is minimal along with the lower cleaning costs.

The grinding and polishing that is used to create polished concrete also compacts the concrete, making it more durable and sturdy and protects its top layer from water penetration. Polished concrete floors gains a net increase in durability and tensile strength, allowing it to endure much more use without any further treatment.

Cleaning of commercial polished concrete is fairly easy, as long as you follow a couple restrictions.

  • First, acid-based cleaners or bleach ought not to be used on polished concrete, as they tend to eat away the surface layer of both the coating and then the substrate beneath, causing moisture to seep into the substrate and jeopardize its integrity.
  • Second, if brooms are used, they should be soft and finally, any mopping done on a polished concrete floor should be done with a PH-neutral detergent.

Other than that, all cleaning maintenance is allowed and won’t negatively impact the floor.

Light enhancement

There is also the matter of a high light reflectivity substrate, which reduces energy costs, useful for eco-friendly projects and also beneficial to various businesses environments such as office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

This limits the requirement for artificial lighting and still provides a bright, professional and clean working environment.

Creating a good concrete surface involves much more than just satisfying safety and health standards, it involves creating a surface that is pleasing to the eye and inspires people who use it daily.

By using My Floor as your concrete floor contractor, you are guaranteed to get professional, fast and reliable results within the arranged time limit. Your commercial polished concrete will gain unparalleled strength, durability and beauty that no other company can provide.


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