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Polished concrete Brisbane wide is a versatile surface created as a result of a multi-step process. Final look of the polished concrete floor can be low-gloss, mirror-like, specific colour, all the while remaining perfectly functional as anti-slip, heavy duty and highly hygienic flooring solution.

My Floor provides superb concrete polishing that can modified to fit any environment and safely applied everywhere without hesitation or any need for extreme modifications of the core design. Polished concrete is at the cutting edge of architectural design and is applicable to a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential environments.

Concrete wasn’t always so useful, however. At one point, concrete was used simply because it was abundant, but now we know its shortcomings and how to compensate for them.

Thankfully, we can now learn from the mistakes of past generations and improve our methods of concrete polishing by creating completely new and innovative approaches to how we see, use and process concrete flooring.

By utilising the latest in concrete processing science, we create sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of concrete flooring requiring massive amounts of cement, aggregate and other substances that damage its sustainability in the long run. It’s not just about creating a concrete floor that has ultimate performance, it is about leaving it as a green legacy to the next generation.

Always useful

Concrete polishing focuses on adapting already existing concrete surfaces, meaning the cost of the process is extremely low. Existing floor can be made via concrete polishing into a highly modern surface that is easy to clean and resists damage and impact. Practical and beautiful, polished concrete Brisbane wide is the perfect floor surface for all environments, commercial or residential.

What are the benefits of polished concrete in Brisbane?

  • Almost maintenance free, due to the extreme smoothness of the surface
  • Signature finish by My Floor creates an extremely high-gloss surface which reflects the light and brightens the space
  • Any décor is amplified by the use of concrete polishing
  • Durability, resistance to shock and liquid spills
  • A supremely smooth surface that will not hold allergens or dirt, making hygiene a natural state of the environment.

Polished concrete is best installed from the scratch, but it can be applied on an existing surface if it fits the suitability criteria. In some cases, especially when aggregate used in concrete consists of unusual elements, such as seashells, special care is needed to make sure the polished floor conforms to residential standards.

Why Choose My Floor?

My Floor is adept at processing all types of concrete floors as well as removing all existing tiles, vinyl and carpets in order to expose and assess the underlying concrete surface.

Coatings on standard floors always prove to be inadequate in the long run, especially when it comes to industrial environments, since they have to be reapplied very often.

Not just that, but coatings tend to disrupt the daily flow of traffic as they take time to cure and dry. On the other hand, polished concrete has no such restrictions and can support all traffic within its specifications as soon as it is installed. Also, the lifespan of polished concrete far surpasses any lifecycle of the conventional floor coating.

In all cases, a concrete surface is considered polished only after it has been thoroughly processed with a 400 grit tool, but generally speaking it is polished to at least 800 and sometimes even 3000 grit level. This means creating the polished concrete surface sometimes requires 10 or 15 steps of gradual refinement. The surface look of residential polished concrete doesn’t need to be uniform and can be enhanced with a variety of lines, patterns and other visual elements.

Logos, custom artwork and any other decorative element can be installed within the polished concrete, thus enhancing the visual experience and further contributing to the modern and minimal design that emphasizes self-reliance and sustainability.

Polished concrete conforms to the highest safety and health standards with its non-slip surface and the absence of microscopic pores where infectors usually accumulate. As such, it is perfect for environments that require high levels of sterility, such as hospitals, schools and airports, but can be applied wherever there is a need for high performance flooring.

High friction coefficient ensures that the polished concrete is equally safe when used by vehicles such as fully loaded forklifts and personnel alike. Even when wet, polished concrete maintains its high safety rating and can still be used normally until the liquid spill is removed.

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Polished concrete is highly reflective and will reduce the need for additional lighting with its surface, further helping the owner reduce the energy requirement for its functioning. A properly maintained polished floor will easily give you at least 100 years of service. Turn your concrete floor into a valuable asset with My Floor’s polished concrete.

Projects that require polished concrete in Brisbane benefit the most from letting My Floor perform its services. Currently we service Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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