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Generally high performance industrial floor coating systems will generate strong odours during the installation and curing process, this can be unsuitable and be cause for health concern for facilities that must remain open and running during installation.

Although sufficient air flow can help dissipate the odours in the installation area, by preventing them from disturbing any personnel or operations (which can be costly if the facility must be shut down) it is better to prevent this risk by using a Low Odour Flooring and coating system from My Floor.

My Floor can apply Low Odour Flooring and coatings which are volatile organic compounds (VOC compliant), as they have little to no odour, allowing any business or facility to continue to operate as normal.  Our flooring system will prevent the facility being shut down and minimises downtime during the installation and concrete curing stages.  Many of our industrial floor systems and coatings can be installed using low odour technology to ensure the process is efficient and easy for our clients.

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