Sand blasting

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Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is another term for abrasive blasting, generally used in preparing and cleaning the surface and exposing aggregates. Sand blasting of concrete can be utelized to create a decorative concrete surface or used to prepare the surface for a epoxy coating. It is a similar process to shot blasting in which materials are propelled at high speeds to abraid the surface.  Sandblasting machines propel very fine materials at a high velocity to clean away or etch the surface and can expose aggregates in the slab at a depth of up to 20 mm or more.   

Benefits to Sandblasting

  • Sandblasting can create architecturally designs to concrete surface
  • Clean away paint in driveways
  • Sandblasting can be used on walls

Although sandblasting can be done by anyone who is handy, it is best left up to professionals.  My Floor use the latest sandblasting equipment, allowing us to engage in any project.

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