Sandstone Grinding and Sealing

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Sandstone Grinding and Sealing

Sandstone porosity varies from each application, as does the density of the stone.  As sandstone is prone to scratching, stains, fractures and can hold water its important you appoint a specialist to minimise any damage to your investment and achieve the best outcome to ensure longevity of your Sandstone. 

My Floor offers a range of different services suitable to any Sandstone Flooring such as:

Sandstone grinding is used to clean the surface of existing Sandstone and remove any lippage which may have occurred from tiles moving, or if you have just had new tiles laid and require a smooth surface. 

Sandstone polishing is ideal for high wear areas, where the stone has been subject to a lot of foot traffic carrying abrasives over time, wearing the surface down and making it look dull.  Sandstone grinding and polishing can be used to provide a fresh surface which looks new again.

Sandstone cleaning suitable for both internal and external areas to remove any stains present, mould or mildew.

Sandstone needs to breathe so its important to use only the correct sealers to protect the stone.  Sealing to protect the stone against water is also very important as its the most damaging element, due to its ability to carry salts which break down the binders of the sandstone resulting in your natural stone beginning to decompose.  My Floor will replace the sandstone minerals and re-bind the floor while providing an enhanced finish.

Sandstone restoration and repair is carried by a specific process of exfoliating the surface while grinding flat and patching any areas required.

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