A Great Looking Floor is Just a Polish Away

| October 30, 2021 Polished Concrete - Floor

Polishing a granite floor is not only a cheaper alternative to other types of floors such as wood or granite; it is also a great alternative aesthetically speaking. In fact a polished granite floor can look just as good as a granite or marble floor. Many people who have seen polished concrete are simply stunned when they see it for the first time. What most people do not realize is that polished granite floors have the same mirror like finish, which you normally associate with marble or granite.

The good news is that this can be done in Brisbane. My Floor concrete polishing services is a premier granite polishing Brisbane based home business that is capable of giving your floor a face-lift. Not only that, this company is also capable of doing concrete grinding and concrete sealing or restoration, or any other concrete floor related maintenance service. Polished concrete Brisbane gives its customers some of the best finishing jobs for their concrete floors. What makes this company unique is perhaps that they give a 10 year warranty for the floors they have worked on.

The process behind polishing a concrete floor is simple. First a series of work is done using abrasives and afterwards diamond tipped polishers are used to finish the job. If the client does not like the colour of finished concrete then no problem, the customer will be able to choose from a wide selection of colours as part of the finish. The main benefits of a polished concrete Brisbane floor are as follows.

  • It meets and exceeds slip resistant standards, giving you a much safer floor to walk/work on.
  • It will eliminate penetration by liquids such as water, oil and other chemicals.
  • Polished concrete floors are well known for low maintenance requirements, compared to other floors.
  • Easy to clean tire marks left behind by equipments such as trucks and forklifts. This makes polished concrete floors ideal for industrial houses.
  • Polished concrete floors are much denser compared to other floors. This means it is much more durable and abrasion resistant.

For all these reasons and more, polished concrete Brisbane is becoming the floor of choice for businesses and homes alike.