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Heavy duty environments and tools require the presence of a floor that can withstand daily pressure of intense traffic, caustic liquids and other types of shock that standard flooring cannot. Though possessing an alluring shine, an industrial polished concrete Brisbane floor isn’t just about looks, it is all about delivering ultimate performance.

Industrial and commercial settings mandate a flooring solution which will be sturdy, practical and hygienic with low on-going costs and minimal maintenance required.

As this variety of application can be quite demanding and standard flooring solutions will not satisfy the high criteria for industrial settings, by using a polished concrete process intended for industrial environments, we get as the end result a floor surface that is ten times more resistant to abrasion than the original surface, all the while reducing noise and dust levels.

My Floor is constantly innovating in the field of concrete polishing Brisbane & Gold Coast. This time around, it is ‘ultra-high gloss’ that provides a mirror-like effect while maintaining performance and benefits of classic concrete floor polishing methods.

By combining the best of both approaches, we achieve unparalleled performance with beautiful artistic standards to create unprecedented polished concrete floors in Brisbane.

Traditional Concrete Polishing Methods

In the days of yore, polished concrete floors Brisbane & Gold Coast were made by grinding the top layer of the concrete to and then using a layer of film coatings. These so-called “sealers” created an alluring wet look on the treated floor.  The flaw of this approach was that the coating lasted only for a short time and had to be reapplied over and over again.

Thankfully, we can now learn from the mistakes of past generations and improve our methods of concrete polishing by creating completely new and innovative approaches to how we see, use and process concrete flooring.

By utilising the latest in concrete processing science, we create sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of concrete flooring requiring massive amounts of cement, aggregate and other substances that damage its sustainability in the long run. It’s not just about creating a concrete floor that has ultimate performance, it is about leaving it as a green legacy to the next generation.

Coatings on standard floors always prove to be inadequate in the long run when it comes to industrial environments, since they have to be reapplied very often. Not just that, but coatings tend to disrupt the general flow of traffic as they take time to cure and dry.

On the other hand, polished concrete has no such restrictions and can support all traffic within its specifications as soon as it is installed. Also, the lifespan of polished concrete far surpasses any lifecycle of the conventional floor coating.

Why Use Signature Floor Polished Concrete?

My Floor uses the Signature Floor intended to address this downside of classical floor coatings. It comes with a 10 Year Limited Warranty and involves all steps needed to transform a generic concrete floor into a literal piece of art.

The lowering of maintenance costs is certainly going to be a pleasant surprise, as you realize this type of concrete floor coating doesn’t need to be reapplied every year.

Polished concrete floors are simply the ultimate solution, not just due to the ease of maintenance, but also since it conforms to all safety standards and regulation for injury prevention. High friction coefficient ensures that the polished concrete is equally safe when used by vehicles such as fully loaded forklifts and personnel alike.

Even when wet, polished concrete maintains its high safety rating and can still be used normally until the liquid spill is removed.

Ensuring durability

Installing the Signature Floor system consists of 10 – 15 phases, all of which are required to arrive at the high-end finish. Though it takes us some time and effort to get there, it is the only way to ensure the ultimate performance and outstanding aesthetic appeal the Signature Floor has.

The initial stage of the process is to grind the floor with a set of increasingly finer pads, starting with extremely coarse ones that are meant to remove the stock and allow us to finely smoothen the surface.

Then, the floor is processed once again, this time with a diamond pad of increased grit level. This process of increasing grit level is repeated until the desired floor smoothness is arrived at. Concrete polishing is done in a similar manner, with polishing pads of increasing granularity.

In between polishing phases a hardening substance is used to prepare the surface for the next step of polishing. This chemical increases the sturdiness of the concrete tenfold and impregnates the substrate against water and other liquids penetration.

The final step is treating the surface with a sealer.

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