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Shot blasting

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is used to crush away the surface of a concrete substrate using a number or small steel balls enclosed in a surface propelled machine.

An abrasive method, shot blasting is a dust-free process, is cost effective and friendly to the environmental policy.  Commonly used when needing to remove the thin top layer of the surface such as contaminants, paint, laminate and dirt.   Shot blasting is time saving and an additional method to concrete grinding when preparing a surface for epoxy coatings and concrete sealing.   

Shot blasting is not commonly used to level a surface and requires additional grinding or a self-levelling cement topping product for a smoother finish. 

Some benefits of shot blasting

  • Provides high production rates for large concrete areas
  • Increases longevity and durability for surface coatings
  • Decreases the amount of non-friendly chemicals usage
  • Virtually dust free process

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