Why do you want a Polished Concrete Floor?

| October 30, 2021 Property - Interior Design

Polished Concrete – Unique, Durable, Architectural

Backed by the Concrete Industry Association of Queensland, My Floor is at the forefront of delivering highly diamond concrete floor polishing services to your commercial or residential project. We are a Gold Coast based company, servicing areas from Tweed Heads, Brisbane and to the Sunshine Coast. Our experience in quality flooring is first class, and widely recognised across the industry.

Concrete floor polishing requires precise grinding and preparation to the highest standards. My Floor is here to do the work – getting it right the first time, every time. Polished concrete is a long term economical solution to the ongoing expense of traditional floor coverings. My Floor’s effortless flooring system has an aesthetic appeal which is markedly superior to any other product.

Take a step back through time and remember the polished floors at school, the office building, even the wedding reception hall. All these polished concrete floors can now last a lifetime of wear and tear because of the effortless flooring system by My Floor. We ensure that you have the most economical and long term flooring solution for your company – sealed to perfection.

My Floor are your professionals in polished concrete floors, we are dedicated to meet your requirements on time, and within budget. Call us today if you require our advice in concrete floor polishing .

With our unique polished concrete process, fancy restaurants aren’t the only places that can look their best. Your business can have professionally polished concrete floors for a fraction of the cost it will take to maintain traditional floor coverings over their lifetime.

Our technique involves careful preparation of the existing floor, and then mechanical grinding and polishing using nothing but the best materials and tooling. Some of our competitors place a surface coating on the concrete floor and take your money. Our solution is to offer you the highest professional standard of low-maintenance concrete flooring. You even choose the gloss you want, and we give you a prestigious floor backed by our exclusive 10 year warranty!

Why do you want polished concrete floors? It’s more than just the visual aspect! Traditional flooring such as tiles, vinyl, epoxy coatings and timber carries stains and bacteria in the tiled grout lines, where as other floor coverings will mark, tear, flake, scratch, yellow in the UV light; with My Floor, we take away that expensive maintenance hassle and provide you with a first class long-term durable flooring system. Our signature process involves no surface coatings to achieve the high gloss diamond polished concrete finish, this creates a floor that will not scratch, yellow, flake off, tear or mark, while looking very much like a granite bench top on the floor.

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