Top three things you should know about concrete floor polishing

| October 30, 2021 Gold Coast University Hospital Emergency Room - Interior Design

Finding a concrete floor polishing specialists just got a whole lot easier. Endorsed by the Concrete Industry Association of Queensland, My Floor is Brisbane’s premier supplier of polished concrete services.


So what are the top three things you need to know from the specialist in concrete floor polishing?

1. Durability

Standard coating (epoxy or poly-urethane) or sealed polished concrete, tiled, stone, timber and vinyl floors needs swift attention. Regular everyday use of the floor attracts dirt, grit and dust. This acts like sandpaper on the surface creating inevitable scratches causing wear and damage to the surface. Once this coating wears, the floor then has to be stripped, cleaned and re-sealed, which results in downtime for your business or a major inconvenience for your home. My Floor’s Hiperfloor and Signature finished polished concrete eliminates this problem by using our exclusive advanced diamond polishing process creating a high gloss finish without the use of film coat sealers. This exclusive finish will not scratch and wear from everyday use, and there is no need for stripping and re-sealing! just ask us for a free demonstration! We deliver a flooring system that lasts for decades. That is why we back it with our exclusive 10 year warranty!

2. The Healthy Option

Household dust mites have been known to be associated with allergies since the 1960′s and have become a focus over the years for their involvement with respiratory ailments. These mites are known to concentrate in carpets with long fibers. Tiled grout lines also harbor mold, dirt, oils and mildew which creates a build up of bacteria and germs causing an unlimited pallet of harmful diseases. My Floor’s diamond polished concrete floor eliminates dust mites that gather in the carpet fibers, also eliminating harmful bacteria that gets trapped in the tiled grout lines. This is due to its seamless abilities, creating a very easy to maintain, clean allergy free environment for your home or commercial property.

3. Visual appeal

For new projects, polished concrete has an unlimited design selection, allowing you to choose the colour of aggregate and cement oxides from a wide variety of options, prior to the installation of your new concrete floor. For existing concrete flooring, we can remove the old floor coverings (e.g tiles, timber, vinyl and carpet) to transform your floor to a Durable, Healthy, Low-maintenance surface. We also have a large range of 25 different coloured water-based dies. These can be added to your existing concrete floor during the polishing process, creating a very versatile flooring solution for any commercial, industrial and residential project.


Why choose My Floor?

By only using the highest quality machinery and diamond tooling, combined with “our trade secret” we achieve an exclusive High-gloss finish that is at least 2 times more reflective, has at least double the clarity and durability of the standard diamond polished concrete finishes available on the market today. We are so confident with our finish that we back it with a 10 year warranty! You’re floor is “my floor”… We treat every floor as though its our own, ensuring that your floor is always at its best on completion, leaving a floor that you will be proud to own! We work hard to get our floors level and prepared prior to treating the concrete and delivering a high quality polished finish. My Floor provides our customers with the finest polished concrete finish that only the trained, experienced specialists can attain.

There are some awful examples in this growing industry where floors are polished and finished incorrectly by inexperienced (cowboys) contractors. Beware… these finishes do not last! All too often we have been asked to repair and re-polish these outcomes, resulting in a costly experience for you the client who is now paying for a floor to be completed twice.

The top 3 Do’s before choosing a polished concrete contractor:

  1. Make sure all polished concrete contractors are BSA Licensed
  2. Ask to see previous work, samples, photos and client’s testimonials.
  3. Do your research, when choosing polished concrete; you have to compare “apples to apples”. No two polished concrete finishes are the same! When buying a new car, we don’t make our decision based on the vehicles price do we? Decisions should be made on quality, durability and the ongoing reliability.

In some industries you will find inferior products being sold without warranties and any ongoing support. However, as specialist in concrete floor polishing, My Floor provides our customers with an industry exclusive 10 year written warranty on our diamond polished concrete finish. Also providing a first class on-going service, including 24hr advice and assistance with every-day cleaning and maintenance.

My Floor delivers our customers with an effortless flooring solution. In Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and on the Sunshine Coast. My Floor has built a solid reputation for outstanding floor quality and exceptional customer service. For more information or to arrange an obligation free quote with a view on our product samples contact the team at My Floor today.